Curbing Cravings for Soda – Iced Tea Glasses

Generally speaking, any kind of soda pop is bad for you.  If you want to play safe, you should not drink any soda.   Diet sodas are just as bad, they say (or even worse).  I’m not an authority in this field.  So, don’t ask me why. 

I don’t drink soda every day.  Soda is a luxury item to me (I am poor).  I only drink diet cola on weekends or when I eat out.  As you know, I never eat out during the weekdays.

To curb my craving for soda, I drink water in these iced tea glasses, usually with a slice of lemon.   With these glasses, drinking water is more enjoyable.  I don’t miss soda much this way.  When I serve water to guests, water becomes a refreshing food item, rather than a utility item for hydration.

*I didn’t buy these glasses at Costco.