Dog sitting this weekend.

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I am sorry I couldn’t find time to update my blog this weekend, yet again. I am dog sitting this weekend (4 dogs & 2 cats). I didn’t know at the time when I volunteered for the duty, but dog sitting is taking up my entire weekend. I felt sad when I left this morning (Sunday). They didn’t want me to leave. I came home to take a nap, relax, and pack for Monday. I am going back to the animals right now to spend Sunday night there. I will sleep there and go straight to work tomorrow. I think I will be very tired tomorrow.

I shop at Costco all the time. I take pictures of stuff I buy and scan my receipts. But, I keep being distracted for one excuse or another. Sorry about that. But I will be back. Do you know Christmas will come to Costco in a few weeks? It’s that time again.

Besides that I am doing good. It’s getting late, I should go now. Take care.