Favorite Time of the Week – Saturday Morning


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Oh how I love Saturday morning.  It’s my favorite time of the week.  Today is the day of endless possibilities, good food, rest, TV, and music.  And, the weekend is just starting.  I still have Sunday coming up.  That’s too much good stuff.

Every weekend is a mini vacation.  Thank God for the weekend.  God bless those who don’t get weekend off. (God bless single people).

As a weekend ritual, first I pick out the scented candle I would like to burn for the day.  And I make my weekend coffee.  I drink Cubita coffee in my Krispy Kreme coffee mug (AKA Sunday coffee mug).  I love this coffee mug.  I like to eat Costco’s Christmas cookies with my weekend coffee.

I took below picture just now.  I am listening to funky 70’s Country Music  (Donna Fargo, Margo Smith, Connie Smith, Barbara Mandrell… oh, Conway Twitty, of course.).  

My parents are out of town, so I will not be visiting them.  My mother is enjoying her mother’s day trip.  So, I will be totally free this weekend. It’s a beautiful weekend. 

Have fun everyone.  Take care. 

Sunday Coffee


I thought my blog was done for the day.  Then I got this guy in the mail box.

Check this out, free unlimited movie rental for a month at Block Buster (one movie at a time). 

So, I opened a "Blue Ticket" membership account.  I marked Saturday June 9 to cancel membership (28 days, to stay safe).  I estimate I will copy about 80 movies in 28 days (don’t ask me how I do this).  Movies will look good on my new TV.


OMG, my dinner came out perfect.  I had to use 3 kitchen timers at the same time.  I eat vegetarian Monday to Friday.  I don’t even drink soda during the weekdays.  Weekend is when I eat for fun. 

Check out the white plate.   It’s new from Costco.  I tell you about that later.