February Saving – 66%


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My shopping story is boring, now that I keep trying harder to save even more money. 

I set my goal to save money like crazy.  And that’s exactly what I’m doing… like crazy.

In February, I transferred 66% of all my take home paycheck to savings account.

I haven’t established a stable pattern of saving money, so I am not sure how this will effect my finance next month. 


I have a huge craving on salty chips, especially for Doritos.
I mean, I had this craving for over 2 weeks now.
This morning, I was THIS CLOSE to pick up a bag of Doritos at Costco.  I wanted to buy a brand new coffee maker as well ($49.00). 

But I didn’t buy any of those.  I bought what was absolutely needed (also healthy for me). 

Keep trying…