Feel Good Story – NBA Player Jeremy Lin

* I wrote this so non-sports watchers will enjoy the story (hopefully).

People talk about Jeremy Lin all over the world.  This is a feel good story.

Jeremy Lin is a natural born American with Asian parents. He played basketball at Harvard without scholarship.  Then he joined NBA for a few years basically as a bench player.   On a normal game, you would not see him playing at all.  Over the years, number of NBA teams traded him because they didn’t need him.  He ended up in New York Knicks, still totally unknown.

As of this very moment.  He doesn’t own a house.  He sleeps in his brother’s couch.

A few weeks ago New York Knicks was talking about getting rid of him.   Then The Knicks’ super star player got injured.  And their secondary player had a death in his family.  Knicks, out of desperation, called on Jeremy Lin to start the game.

FYI: Knicks is a struggling team.  They lose more than they win.

Back to game: Jeremy Lin played a good game and Knicks won the game.  Knicks fans were like "Wow, who is that guy?".  Then he won the next game, and the next game.  All this happened in a few days.  By this time Jeremy Lin couldn’t walk down the street because of the fans.

Some people said this was just a fluke that he needed to be tested more.

Then he played against LA Lakers, man to man with Kobe Bryant.  There, Jeremy Lin played the best game by any Knicks player of this season (38 points).  He played better than Kobe and Knicks beat LA.

I am a fan.

Below is last night’s game’s highlight against LA Lakers.  Remember, he was totally unknown just a week prior to this game.   By this time, he played 3 games.

Before this game Kobe said, "I know nothing about him."  Now he knows.

Update: After this game, The Knicks flew to Minnesota for another game in 24 hours.  And they won 5th straight game (all 5 games without 2 top players, all under Jeremy Lin’s leadership) This is an incredible story.

Another update: Knicks won again (6th straight game).  Jeremy Lin made a game winning shot at the last seconds.  It was an away game at Toronto.  When Jeremy Lin made the game winning shot, the whole place erupted.  Toronto fans were cheering for The Knicks.  Check out below video.  This is like a movie. 

Final update: New York Knicks’ winning streak came to an end after winning 7 straight games.  Jeremy Lin legend still lives on, however.  Currently, Jeremy Lin is the top selling jersey in NBA.  There are number of endorsement deals going on with Jeremy Lin.  And Nike is coming up with Jeremy Lin shoes.