Fighting Cold – Costco Style

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I rarely get sick.  But I do catch cold now and then.  I cannot afford to get sick because I am always working.  Somebody is always counting on me.

I woke up with a sore throat Friday morning.  It was very clear that I was going to have a full blown case of cold.  My cold (flu ?) was slowly getting worse.  I started to feel miserable by Saturday.

This is when a single person feels sad to be alone. You imagine how your neighbor will find your dead body.  Thank God I don’t have a cat to eat my face. Yikes…

Costco Cold Remedis
Fighting cold – Costco style – Progresso chicken soup & a T-Bone
I love that griddle from Costco

When I have cold, I focus on 4 things.

  1. Drink a lot of fluid
  2. Chickens soup
  3. Take Medication
  4. Rest

I believe in power of chicken soup.  Chicken soup will speed up your heeling process, trust me.

Most of my home remedies are from Costco.  Look below.

  • Water – Brita Filters
  • Juice (home made) – with apple, pear, carrots
  • Chicken soup (I ate 6 cans during this cold episode)
  • Cold medication

All those products were purchased from Costco

Ready for juicing – Bamboo cutting board is from Costco as well

Anyway.. I took Monday & Tuesday off.  I worked from home.  By Wednesday morning I was all good and ready for work.

So my entire cold episode lasted 5 days or less.  I thought I made a remarkable recovery in short time. 

* I still cannot figure out how I got this cold at the first place.  It would be ironic if I got the cold from Costco.