Fist Bump


I had a lot of fun visiting Costco in Atlanta, Georgia. Now it was time for me to fly back home to California. I got on board and took my window seat on the left side. Soon, a beautiful young woman set next to me in the middle seat. I told her she can use the armrest between us. I said, “And I will not talk to you. I may give you a fist bump after we landed.” She smiled back.

A few minutes later her boyfriend came and set next to her on the aisle seat. I felt a little awkward that I didn’t know she was with her boyfriend. But I did tell her I will not talk to her. So…

It was a 4-hour flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. The Sun was still up, and we flew by some beautiful clouds. I watched Harry Potter and Sound of Music on my iPad. The couple next to me talked for an hour, took a nap, and the girl played games on her smartphone. I caught her occasionally in the corner of my eye. She was tall and good-looking. If she was my girl, I would worship her.

And, of course, I didn’t talk to her.

We finally landed, but it took extra time to get to the gate. Finally, the seatbelt sign was turned off, and people started to stand up and reach for their luggage.

Her boyfriend stood up and turned his back on her for a short time. At that exact moment, she quickly turned to me with a big smile.  

And gave me a fist bump.