Forgot to bring my coupon~!!

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I went Costco today and I completely forgot to bring my Costco coupon book. I didn’t have much to buy.. but one of the items (I wanted to buy with coupon) was a 56Oz bag of M&M (peanuts).

I am scheduled to go to Costco pretty soon. So… things can wait.

I’m having chicken for dinner tonight.
Jumbo shrimps are my special treat.  This bag will last 4-6 months.

Reed (Fragrance) Diffuser is something I need.  After a long day, when I walk into my apartment, my place doesn’t smell quite the best.  I need to have some fancy scent that will motivate me to work on my personal projects such as

Gas was $3.359 a Gallon

* I was looking for Guinness (beer), but they didn’t have it. Frown.  I cannot drink cheap beer anymore.  This is a typical side-effect from shopping at Costco for too long.  You learn to appreciate good stuff.