Allergic to Costco Toilet paper!!

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I came back to Costco because of the toilet paper and the great cooked chickens…. they had a purplish package here in Maryland when I started and now it it discontinued it was not this fluffy as the one they are ‘forcing’ us to buy. Do not like the poor paper quality and WORST of all I am allergic to it… Bad rashes causing terrible itching with bad rash and a Dr. apt… and of course she suspected nothing nor asked any useful questions to lead me to a solution other than ” Here try this stuff I think you will love it” ok 2 more months of that plus Costco TP and I realized the only thing different was this paper. So as we all need to to I tried out my theory and after about a week I am back to my old self. I suspect it is some sort of chemical treatment of the paper?? Is it ‘recycled’… whatever it is I hope no one else has struggled with this unnecessary problem