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No where did I see any mention of Kirkland Ultra Soft toilet paper. Found out they are discontinuing it. Used to use Charmin. The Ultra Soft has a better price. My wife likes it too, otherwise I would not have bought it. When I couldn’t find it in my local Costco I started asking around. Was told it causes problem with septic system. Judging from what I read the Ultra Soft was not mentioned as one of the culprits. Last week I asked the store manager and he found out the Ultra Soft will not be carried anymore. I still think it is a good producr and now I have to pay more for Charmin. Had problem with Charmin’s thicker version. Clogged toilet twice so I went back to the other Charmin. Then I discovered the Kirkland Ultra Soft. Been using it for a while. Hope all the other discussion regarding Kirkland toilet paper did not cause Costco to stop selling their Ultra Soft. As I said, I didn’t see any mention of the Kirkland Ultra Soft toilet paper. Love the Ultra Soft but have to look for alternatives.