No way



It’s funny. Neighbor recommended these, and said they’re ONLY $19 and sometimes cheaper. Did she not realize that she’s only getting 30 rolls now, and less quality?
I now buy TWO types eachmonth. If Walgreens has the package of Scott (1000) rolls for $7.50 or less, we go for that. If not, they sell 1000 rolls each, 10 for $5. ANYWAY, my Second brand is Cottonelle when on sale (Walgreens) for $3.99. We don’t buy the Aloe one, because it has had less Sq ft. This brings the grand total to less than $12/month, and it lasts the whole month.
If anyone knows of once that will last this long, let me know.
If you don’t like either brand but don’t know how to price shop tp, always look at the SQUARE FEET. Compare it to its absorbency (like, I “half” Scotts’s Sq footage because it’s so thin).
I hope this helps someone.