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I want to relay my experiences with the new Kirkland paper.
I’ll be brief.
It sucks!
Constantly clogged my main sewer line (120+ feet) out to the county line.
I’m VERY familiar with my line, having installed 80% of it 22 years ago. I installed multiple clean-outs, removed two trees, etc……I know my main line thru and thru. I have never had issues until this dang paper…..problem was I was too dumb to figure it out quickly….but eventually narrowed it down to the new Kirkland paper.
I now use Walmart’s White Cloud, with no problems at all.
BTW – I did a test, comparing White Cloud to the new Kirkland paper, as follows:
-took 2 identical soup bowls and filled them with water
-inserted one 2-ply sheet of the kirkland in one, and the white Cloud in the other, at the same time
-(*noticed that the Kirkland paper sank to the bottom of the bowl almost immediately, the White Cloud stayed floating on top)
-after 45 seconds, I took both index fingers and swirled the papers in each bowl….the White Cloud paper broke apart immediately into little pieces….the kirkland paper simply wrapped around my finger in a big sticky glob!!
– did the test again….same result
– had my daughter do the test – same result
I did other tests, and basically the Kirkland paper doesn’t break down quick enough, or completely enough, imo.
Never buying it again….period.