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About 6 or 8 months ago I took a chance on my local [NYC], A&P-Owned, Pathmark’s cheapest “Home Basic” brand [HB] 2-ply Toilet paper when they had a 12-pack sale @ $4; I’d previously tried HB Heave Duty Laundry Soap [liquid] & paper towels and at the price had been quite satisfied.
I was astonished at the toilet paper’s high quality which matched/topped similar ‘Name-Brands’ I’d been buying on sale tho usually at about 50% more per roll.
My recollection is that at sale-end the price popped to $4.50 and just now [8/25/13] it’s up to $4.98 which, per roll, still beats out the others.
Package Details are as follows:
12 Rolls; 300 2-ply sheets [4.3″ x 3.66″] per roll; Total Square Feet: 393.45.
I’d done the ‘maths’ originally & will check them again periodically but I seem to recall that the ‘sq. ft.’ going price for others was around a penny & a half; so, HB’s still about 15% cheaper with as good or better quality.
I think “Home Basic” is also available at regular A&P Supermarkets though perhaps under a different name than is used by their Pathmark stores. Good Luck