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NO GOOD CHANGES HERE. It honestly feels like a completely different product.

As of April 14, 2014
Kirkland brand toilet paper used to be the best! It was thick, soft and like a luxury toilet paper for an excellent price. I’ve been buying at Costco since they were Price Club, decades ago.

Over the years, Kirkland brand products have deteriorated in quality.

The last batch of TP and Paper Towels I bought (April 09, 2014) is much thinner and rougher.

The paper towels are much thinner than they used to be. They’re weaker, too. I don’t mind that their perforated for a ‘select a size’ experience, but it’s sooo much thinner.

Blech. I’ll find other places to comment on the Costco recipe changes :/ pies taste rancid: change in the fat in the crusts and the addition of dehydrated apples that began a few years ago are among the other products changed for the worse.