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Has anyone noticed that the new “bigger” rolls are actually less in mass and only”fluffed up” So we get fewer rolls with less paper that take up more space and can no longer be stored individually in our storage shelves in the garage unless we bring in multiple unwrapped rolls at a time. And to top it all off, our local Costco manager was unaware of the size/quality change and that particular store was still charging $17.99 for much less paper. We just came back from vacation and I now see the lower price reflecting the less amount of product. This is truly a case of inflation. The rolls are literally inflated. And yes, we did recycle the individual plastic wrap and will recycle the new 6 roll wrap whose plastic actually seems thicker than the individual wrappers, possibly to give more integrity and strength to contain the multiple rolls. So did they really save plastic? And don’t they think their customers can actually see the reduction in quality? Shame in you Kirkland!