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I am confused because it seems everyone who posted went from having the old toilet paper in individually wrapped rolls directly to the new “softer” paper in the six pack.

My old style toilet paper has been coming in a six pack for a long time now. I was upset when they changed the packaging of the old style from the individual rolls into six – 6 packs (36 rolls) but kept buying it because the price and quality were far superior to any other option.

This latest change is just awful. I have scrutinized the two side by side and have come to the conclusion that the new tp uses a lower quality “paper pulp” to begin with and then every step of the manufacturing process (squeezing, bleaching, rolling, etc) is less thorough, resulting in this darker, larger, fluffier crappier product. I will not be buying it again.

Back to my initial point.. Didn’t everyone have the individual rolls changed into the 6 pack without any change in the toilet paper itself happen a while back?