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My 2 cents:

I loved the old Costco TP.

I don’t know of any alternatives. Luckily I have several of the old larger packages in my basement, so I will be able to weather this for a while so I can decide what to do.

I didn’t like the idea of the new TP immediately. The way we use the old is to put the indivually wrapped rolls in various places throughout the house. The paper outer layer allowed us to do that and NOT worry about wiping dust and cobwebs, etc. on our privates w;hen we pulled a new roll out from under the sink or off the shelf.

Because of this change, I have considered–horror or horrors–checking out what the competition, the EVIL Sam’s Club has to offer. Costco is about 5 times as far away as Sam’s (1 mile vs. 5 miles), but for years I have happily driven by Sam’s on my way to Costco. (This is primarily a political decision.)

While we are on the subject, what’s with the paper towels. At one time they went from fatter 90 sheet rolls to thinner 80 sheet ones. (This may be a west coast thing–I’ve heard the east coast still gets the 90 sheeters.) Then they did the thing with the half sized 160 sheeters which I liked for some things, but not for most. If you all remember, they went back to the 80 sheet rolls. Maybe this will be the same type of thing.

It all seems a bit too “New Coke”ish to me.