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I bought a pack of the “new” TP at Costco and promptly returned it. It is absolute garbage. IT disintegrates when you wipe, leaves lint everywhere, and the roll is too large, as well as no longer being individually wrapped. I knew right away they changed the quality, it was VERY obvious. I just found this site by Google, and I’m happy to see I’m not the only one that noticed.

Everyone should return the new TP to Costco for a full refund, and tell them exactly why you’re returning it. If they get enough returned, they’ll have to do something about it. It’s what I’d call a “primary” product, meaning it’s one of the main items people buy there, like paper towels, milk, etc. They’ve made a major mistake changing this product. At least at Sams Club they have triple ply store brand that’s pretty good for about the same price.

Way to piss off your customers, Costco! You need to either stop selling this junk, or make it much cheaper – or give an apology to your customers that you can’t provide a quality product under the Kirkland name. Maybe you need to approach another mfgr and make a deal with them (hello, Charmin?). In any case, we won’t be buying this stuff ever again until (or unless) the quality changes. This stuff is WORTHLESS!