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I too am not happy with the change to the new 6-roll packs. Like many, I have been buying this TP for years and loved the quality individually packed rolls. The old TP definately seemed stronger to me and although the new rolls do seem fluffier I agree with the other poster that they are certainly messier and riddled with lint.

The worst part of all is that I noticed that the new rolls do NOT indicate that they are septic safe like the old ones. This means those with septic systems and/or RVs will likely not be able to use this new paper. Even though we are not on a septic system, I always enjoyed the fact that we could use the same quality paper in our home and our RV, but that no longer seems to be the case.

Very dissappointed that Costco made this change and I am still hoping that they will bring back the old version; or have both and gove comsumers the choice. Otherwise I will likely be shopping for a new TP product soon.