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When I went to Costco last, I looked at all the brands and noticed that the size of a standard roll of TP listed on the packages was 4.5 x 4 inches. The Kirkland package says the same…so I bought it hoping they had improved the problem with the roll size. But sure enough. It is an untruthful package label. My Kirkland rolls are coming in at 4.5 x 5 3/8 inches, revealing of course, the extent of the problem with the rolls not fitting on my TP holders.

Dear Kirkland TP Product Manager…if you’re gonna muck with the specs of something…at least properly label it. There is a reason rolls are sized the way they are.

Also, agree on the dust problem. I thought all the white dust on my TP holder was due to construction at our house…but now I see the source of the problem.

Has anyone found a good replacement brand? Please let the folks on this thread know! Maybe I missed it?