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Very bad move on Kirkland/Costco T.P. We have used the individual wrapped Costco toilet paper since I can remember. The rolls were a perfect fit in the holders, easy to store with no worries about germs, etc. due to the individual wrap and they fit in our 3 roll t.p. holders in each bathroom. We would very much like the old style individual wrap toilet paper to return.

There are no plus marks on the new style.

Negatives: rediculous amount of lint
too large for t.p. holders
too large for bathroom extra roll containers
tears and seperates when used, ugh
softness is minimal difference
strenth of paper is much less
6 pack leaves rolls exposed until used
6 pack is difficult to store & uses more space

It would be nice if companies would check with thier consumers prior to making changes. I would have gladly paid a couple of dollars more to keep the old style individually wrapped T.P.

Seems manufacturers have the misconception that consumers won’t notice as they make containers smaller or thinner yet keep prices stable. Costco has been one place where I can trust Kirkland not to treat it’s customers like idiots. I cannot however imagine how repackaging and changing the quality of thier toilet paper was seen as a good move. The comments here should show Costco changing a great product just does not work, I don’t see every cart in a Costco store loaded with Kirkland TP anymore, that used to be the case.


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