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Kinda disappointed now, but it’s okay as Costco has the best return policy ever! Just out of curiosity-i understand what you are saying about the non-detachable holding tray, but my reasoning behind the purchase was due to two different factors that I would appreciate your opinion on and hope you have a second or two to share your two cents… 🙂 :
1) The metallic cover. I had considered purchasing one on it’s own from eBay from a manufacturer I’d actually found out about at a home show about ten years ago-perfect timing for the awesome find (which I was wary of trying out, by the way-hehehe) when I had to begin teaching myself the art of ironing, just as you have, since Dad irons his own garments rarely when needed because Mom is magic and has the ability to remove shirts and pants from the dryer, give ’em a quick shake, and hang them over a doorknob of all things and they somehow ALWAYS seem to come out perfect nearly every single time. I did not inherit that skill, lol. I am not sure if you’ve experience with these amazing tools, however, I had found the cover to heat the bottom of the garment and make ironing day much less of a chore–Whoo-hoo! So much quicker and more efficient when using spray starch, if you do. It also helped my clothing stay wrinkle free for longer periods of time. Did you happen to notice that this metal cover was useful in that capacity? If not, I think I will just go ahead and buy the eBay version at $18 and put it on my current cheapo ironing board. It baffles me as to what happened to the cover & ironing board, it was probably lost in one of my moves 🙁
2) The height. There is no mention on the package regarding the board’s height, which my current ironing board’s major shortcoming. It’s about 34 inches, if that, and I am about 5’10”, so it does present a problem for my back as you may imagine. I’m a weirdo who irons both of my son’s as well as my husband’s jeans (sometimes my own,too if I can manage to fit it into my schedule before I need to wear them, lol).I just like that classic crease, I don’t know why…anyway, I digress. Just curious about the maximum height 🙂

I thank you for your help in advance, and happy ironing to you!