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I had purchased this same mattress not long after you.  It was about 3 years ago.  After a couple weeks I had adjusted to it and really loved it.  Unfortunately, the top portion became too soft and several months ago I started to get some back pain again.

With a 20 year warranty, I really expected it to last longer.  In any event, I still had my order number from my online order, so I decided to try to take it back to Costco.  After asking what was wrong with it, they took it back and gave me a full refund, just like their policy states.  I normally wouldn’t do a return like this, but it really ought to last longer than a few years.

I purchased a Sealy Birchmere Plush Eurotop to replace it (from Costco of course) and am pain free again! The new mattress was a little cheaper, so oddly enough I actually ended up getting a new mattress and some money back.