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    New costco toilet paper is not as good as the old individually wrapped rolls.

    The paper itself falls apart much more easily, the 2-ply does not stay together, and it leaves a lot of lint on the floor under the holder, and probably on us too. Also, NOT softer. I have an old roll and a new roll, and the difference is noticeable.

    By having larger rolls in plastic 6-packs, there are fewer places to store these. We normally break up the larger bag of individual rolls for storage under multiple sinks. The paper protects the roll. Now in the 6pack, once it is open, it’s open. It doesn’t fit in the same area either.

    The large roll itself doesn’t fit in some of the older tp holders in the bathrooms. You have to wait until the first quarter inch is run off.

    It seems like we are going through the larger rolls at a faster rate. I think this is due to the problem of the paper falling apart too easy, and using more.

    NOT a fan of the new rolls. I have been buying Kirkland for over a decade, and this is one of the main reasons I use Costco – for paper products and some fun seasonal items. This is making me look for new TP elsewhere.

    Not happy. Not buying more. Hope they change it back.

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      Funny I was just mentioning how dissatisfied I am with the recent purchase of Costco Kirkland brand toilet paper. I certainly do not like the feel. The paper is much harder than the old brand. It feels like the paper you use when in public restrooms. It falls apart and the two ply doesn’t stick together. I will not be purchasing the Costco brand as I do not like how it feels on my important parts. I may as well be using news paper.

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      Jimmy Bee

      Buy the Marathon tp at costco it comes out 2 cents cheaper per roll and is better and softer!

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    The peanut butter demonstration needs to be done. In the name of science.

    It’s that kind of in-depth Costco reporting that keeps me coming back to this blog.

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      Oh boy… I have some idea on how the demonstration can be done with peanut butter.

      I’ll have to use both cream & chunky so I can associate better with people with different diet.

      Oh boy, it’s painful… so funny…

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    I have to agree with the others–I like the OLD TP from Costco better. I don’t like the new “texture” at all. I think the old kind was their best seller for a reason. I also liked the individually wrapped and smaller rolls. It does seem like they did this to save costs but the quality isn’t the same.

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    Costco needs to hear from as many dissatisfied customers as possible. Why mess with a popular product that made so many people happy. This new toilet paper is crap, the packaging is not sanitary like the old way, and the fact that it does not fit in bathrooms that have indented toilet paper holders shows that no proper research was done. I’m boycotting this product unless Costco brings back the old packaging and style. Since I often go to Costco primarily to buy TP (and then buy $100 worth of other stuff), I think Smart and Final will be getting my business now.
    Shame on you, Costco.

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    The new paper is not as strong and leaves lint everywhere. We buy our paper at another store now, Northern brand.

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    I too am not happy with the change to the new 6-roll packs. Like many, I have been buying this TP for years and loved the quality individually packed rolls. The old TP definately seemed stronger to me and although the new rolls do seem fluffier I agree with the other poster that they are certainly messier and riddled with lint.

    The worst part of all is that I noticed that the new rolls do NOT indicate that they are septic safe like the old ones. This means those with septic systems and/or RVs will likely not be able to use this new paper. Even though we are not on a septic system, I always enjoyed the fact that we could use the same quality paper in our home and our RV, but that no longer seems to be the case.

    Very dissappointed that Costco made this change and I am still hoping that they will bring back the old version; or have both and gove comsumers the choice. Otherwise I will likely be shopping for a new TP product soon.

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      FYI: They are septic system safe.

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      PArdon the pun, but “that’s crap.” There’s a guy earlier who said he did a test on how quickly the new TP dissolves, and it DOESN’T. HAs anyone considered that “safe” can mean anything they want it to mean? If the TP doesn’t break up it will clog drains and septic systems, regardless of what general, nonspecific, meaningless term (like “safe) they stick on the outside of the package.

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    Agree with negative comments about the new Costco TP. I won’t be buying it again and I’ve already bought a supply from Target. The price for generic Target TP is not as good but the quality is decent AND IT FITS IN THE TP HOLDER! Liked the individual wrappers on the old Costco TP but would be willing to deal with the 6-pack if the roll would at least fit in the dispenser. We still have a few rolls of the old Costco TP and it’s more durable and less prone to, uh, leave dingleberries. Hate the new stuff.

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    I don’t like the new TP and will be buying a different brand.

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    The new Kirkland toilet paper cardboard core is a few millimeters wider. You can slide an empty older core into the newer core.

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      Thank you for the info.
      You are my kind of person!

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      That is a telling statistic on its own. It seems obvious that this is a profit motive issue from this measurement alone. How could this change be anything but a cost cutting/profit enhancing change. Did anyone out there have problems with the old rolls NOT fitting their dispensers?

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      I had no issue fitting the old rolls in the dispenser. Now my new rolls would sit outside of the holder for about 2 weeks before they will get installed.

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    It can’t go back to the old way, the Kimberly Clark mill in Everett closed (due to greed) my husband worked for them and he said it was the best toilet paper they made. So now it is made by another company I won’t name but there machines can’t make them the same.

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      What is the next best toilet paper to try? I assume it will be awhile before Costco replaces the too large, highly tear-able (linty) rolls with a product as good or better than the “original” TP.

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      Heard on the news here (NW Washington State) that a new owner has purchased the old mill in Everett, is hiring workers, and should be shipping paper products again by October. Costco, please check this out and go back to the “old” product. Thanks.

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    This toilet paper sucks.

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    Out with the NEW and in with the OLD is my feedback. These new rolls don’t fit in my holder (as they are too wide)!!! Is this a ploy with the folks that make those holders to noanpm and design one to fit the “new” Costco version so I have to spend more $$$ and buy that too??? The rolls do not roll well once installed on the toilet paper roller (the clearance from the center of the roll to the wall DOES not accommodate the new roll making it difficult to spin). Hence, I waste a good portion of the roll getting it whittled down far enough to freely roll off the holder. Can you say “TOTAL RECALL”!!!!!

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    Has anyone noticed that the new “bigger” rolls are actually less in mass and only”fluffed up” So we get fewer rolls with less paper that take up more space and can no longer be stored individually in our storage shelves in the garage unless we bring in multiple unwrapped rolls at a time. And to top it all off, our local Costco manager was unaware of the size/quality change and that particular store was still charging $17.99 for much less paper. We just came back from vacation and I now see the lower price reflecting the less amount of product. This is truly a case of inflation. The rolls are literally inflated. And yes, we did recycle the individual plastic wrap and will recycle the new 6 roll wrap whose plastic actually seems thicker than the individual wrappers, possibly to give more integrity and strength to contain the multiple rolls. So did they really save plastic? And don’t they think their customers can actually see the reduction in quality? Shame in you Kirkland!

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    The new TP is awful. The old stuff was great.

    IT is fluffy, too big for my toilet paper dispenser and flakes all over the place.

    I called the 800# but they aren’t aware of any problem.

    Most Kirkland products are excellent but in this case they made a mistake.

    Is there any other brand of TP that Costco sells that compares with their old TP?

    Ed in San Francisco

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    I posted this article with a complaint to the Costco fan page on Facebook. I hope they start listening!

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    I posted the following on Costco’s Facebook page on 8/6/2012:

    Dear Costco.
    Didn’t you try changing the Bath Tissue several years ago and the overwhelming voice of members helped you to see the light, that you needn’t fix something that isn’t broken… so you brought back the perfect blend of soft and durable.
    NOW, years later, there must be one person in the executive office that didn’t like that perfect blend and somehow got you to go and change things again! WHY? The new blend is no good. It’s too soft and crumbles. I have given it a fair try, even though I KNEW I would be disappointed. Please bring back the Costco Bath Tissue that we all have come to depend on.

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    I found this website because I googled new Costco toilet paper. This stuff is lousy. I specifically bought Costco brand because it didn’t disintegrate into your private parts. I will be very interested to hear of other brands that would offer similar quality. I still love Costco but I will not be buying toilet paper there any more.

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    I thought it was only me thinking that the rolls were larger. I have to use some before putting it on the holders. I am going to try other brands even if it cost more. The new toilet paper breaks, flakes (whatever you want to call it) leaving a dirty feel. It is like Charming comercials. One that is better is Safeway’s brand.

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      Well, I am sooo glad that I am NOT the only one who have been thinking that Costco has been manipulating its members to buy less quality items day by day. It is awful. The latest T/P due to its poor quality, it consumes much faster than the former one, which is exactly Costco’s malicious conniving way to have its members spend more money on crappy latest T/paper.

      Thanks for the tip. I will try Safeway T/P!

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    Dear Costco,
    Please revert to the (former) IMMENSELY popular style of toilet paper.

    We (your loyal customers) really appreciate your efforts to improve Kirkland products. But this new version is not welcome by many. As you are probably aware, the vast majority of your displeased customers will not take the time to write a complaint. They will just find an alternative and complain to their friends and family about the “improved” version of toilet paper.

    Thanks for your attention.


    San Jose, California Costco member since 1988.

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    I am confused because it seems everyone who posted went from having the old toilet paper in individually wrapped rolls directly to the new “softer” paper in the six pack.

    My old style toilet paper has been coming in a six pack for a long time now. I was upset when they changed the packaging of the old style from the individual rolls into six – 6 packs (36 rolls) but kept buying it because the price and quality were far superior to any other option.

    This latest change is just awful. I have scrutinized the two side by side and have come to the conclusion that the new tp uses a lower quality “paper pulp” to begin with and then every step of the manufacturing process (squeezing, bleaching, rolling, etc) is less thorough, resulting in this darker, larger, fluffier crappier product. I will not be buying it again.

    Back to my initial point.. Didn’t everyone have the individual rolls changed into the 6 pack without any change in the toilet paper itself happen a while back?

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    Hate, hate, HATE the giant rolls of six-pack TP! Not only do they not fit the TP holder, I cannot possibly effectively store them the way I could the individually wrapped rolls – squishing them into their own little nooks and crannies amongst the bathroom cabinets and linen closet. But even worse – the new TP leaves BUTT LINT worse than Charmin! OH, how I wish I had known the change was coming… I would’ve bought a truckload of the old stuff and put it in a storage unit!

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    Had been a regular buyer of the Kirkland brand toilet paper for years. Have been extremely disappointed in the new version; falls apart and leaves little pieces everywhere, a roll doesn’t last nearly as long, roll seems to be not as wide. I’m so irritated with it that I did a google search to look for palace to complaine. I don’t know about value but I’m now buying the Scott brand toilet paper; Doesn’t fall apart, lasts longer and is wider. Costco, please go back to the old stuff!

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    I don’t like the changes to the Kirkland toilet paper either mainly because it won’t fit in our toilet paper holder – way too big.

    I did write an email complaint to Costco and did get a nice polite reply, however, it didn’t seem as though they would go back to the “old” style.

    We have been buying one of the more expensive brands at Costco.

    I didn’t realize there were this many unhappy customers. I had thought it was only me. Perhaps if they get enough complaints maybe they will change back.

    If you go to the sight there is a way to contact them and email.

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      We need to not buy any toilet paper from Costco. Don’t give them your TP dollar for any brand until they change! Revolt! This toilet paper is not worth a crap! (Hee Hee)

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    I will be buying another brand as well & not at costco. Every time I go to costco I buy less & less. The closest one to me is about 30 minutes away. Whatever brain surgeon (No offense to actual brain surgeons)over at costco decide bigger with less is a moron. Just like everyone else has said, it is too big to fit in my dispenser. There fresh produce and items with expiration dates seem to go bad/expire faster then going to the grocery store. We pay costco to shop at their store, for what? There prices on most items are about the same, and the items that are a better price will go bad before my 2 person family can eat them. I pay lees for gas down the street from my house. I think this will be my last year as a member. I have been a customer since 1994 (Price Club)

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    We can’t store the new stuff in the garage since the rodents will get at the open package. 30 rolls IN the house is just too much. Go back to individually wrapped at least!

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    Been using the Kirkland TP for at least 15 years. Not just for my own home, but ALWAYS packed a case in the trunk for my college kids when we would visit them at their respective colleges and grad schools. This was the best price/quality value product; never thought I was compromising quality for price. The other decent choices are so much more expensive.

    The new stuff sucks. Biggest problem for me is the larger roll that won’t fit any of our toilet paper holders.

    Still haven’t found a decent solution.

    Costco, you gotta fix this.

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    Add me to the list of members who are unhappy with the new toilet paper. I can deal with the new packaging but the size is an absolute non-starter. The big rolls flat out do not fit the built-in dispensers in my older home. I had to return the package after using 3 rolls. There is simply no kind of accomodation that can be made to use them other than using up part of the roll before mounting it on the dispenser.

    Given that I’ve been using the Kirkland brand for over 10 years, I’m not happy with having to experiment with different brands now. I guess I’ll just buy whatever is in the coupon book until I find something that offers equivalent value.

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    I hate hate hate the packaging. It went from single wrapped in paper and an over all plastic, to single wrap in plastic, then wrapped in a six back then over all wrapped.

    How many containers does TOILET PAPER need? I have been trying to reduce what goes in my trash can, then they pull this. Such an unneeded use of plastic.

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    Add my voice to the change it back chorus

    For all the reasons above I am looking for a new supplier for my 10 room B&B.

    Sorry Costco but the new stuff just sucks!!

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      Hey~! Where is your B&B?
      If you don’t want to say here, then send me email (private message).

      have a nice day

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    Just found this site while looking for feedback on the new Costco toilet paper. Lots of bad reviews. I too am very disappointed with the new paper. I even e-mailed Costco, before the new paper came out, with my concerns. Why would you take a perfect toilet paper and try to change it. For years I have been recommending Costco toilet paper to my customers. I am a plumbing contractor that specializes to service and repair. Which means I unplug a lot of toilets. When the plug has been toilet paper related people ask which brand I could recommend. Costco has been my top recommendation. Sorry, not any more. Will have to find other brands to suggest to my customers.

    As far as thickness of the new toilet paper. It seems like they just made the embossing more pronounced. Which makes the role thicker. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Hope they change back.

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    I don’t mind the paper quality change so much (we’re not particular that way) but I do have an issue with a new roll not fitting in standard holders and am very unhappy that the rolls aren’t individually wrapped anymore. It made it easy to store odd quantities of new rolls in our oddly cabineted bathrooms, sanitary and protected from occasional drips. Please bring back the old packaging, pleeeeeease!!!!!

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      So we all (mostly all) agree we like the old TP better.
      Does anyone know if the Costco buyers care, or plan to offer it again?

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    i thought it was just me… and for me it’s all about the size. i haven’t noticed any particular reduction in ‘performance’ or increase in lint.
    but the size! will not fit the holder. i could get nine rolls in my vanity drawer, now only six. secondary storage was perfect for the old size, now i can only get maybe half the number of rolls in the same space. and of course, storage is limited by the 6 roll package size.
    yeah – bring it back!

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      It looks like the square footage of the old and new rolls is the same, so the new ones are more embossed and therefore take up more room on a given roll. I’d rather have the old flat ones that fit my bathrooms and take up less space than the new ones that are embossed and just take up space. I didn’t analyse how they are packed in the store, but they are probably squishable enough that as far as Costco logistics go, they can fit the same number of units per pallet, in the same cubic footage.

      Sorry to get geeky, but I didnt see mention of square footage and that would have been one way to get short-changed, but it doesn’t look like Costco pulled that trick here.

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    I am a die-hard Costconian (sounds kinda neat, huh?). I love, love, love shopping there and reaping the benefits of their products.

    However, I have to jump on the “I hate the revised Kirkland toilet paper train.”

    With alot of the same complaints as those above (packaging and quality) we also have the problem that majority of the rolls are now lopsided and don’t fit in the toilet paper holder.

    We recently watched a program on Costco and how they select their vended items. It also included a long segment on how much work/research they put into producing their toilet paper. Open your ears and listen up Costco….or I can recommend the hearing aid department over by your pharmacy that has a fantastic price on hearing implements!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    The new stuck really sucks ๐Ÿ™ i noticed the change in quality immediately and will not purchase it again unless it goes back to the old. it falls apart during use, nothing good or better about the changes.

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    My 2 cents:

    I loved the old Costco TP.

    I don’t know of any alternatives. Luckily I have several of the old larger packages in my basement, so I will be able to weather this for a while so I can decide what to do.

    I didn’t like the idea of the new TP immediately. The way we use the old is to put the indivually wrapped rolls in various places throughout the house. The paper outer layer allowed us to do that and NOT worry about wiping dust and cobwebs, etc. on our privates w;hen we pulled a new roll out from under the sink or off the shelf.

    Because of this change, I have considered–horror or horrors–checking out what the competition, the EVIL Sam’s Club has to offer. Costco is about 5 times as far away as Sam’s (1 mile vs. 5 miles), but for years I have happily driven by Sam’s on my way to Costco. (This is primarily a political decision.)

    While we are on the subject, what’s with the paper towels. At one time they went from fatter 90 sheet rolls to thinner 80 sheet ones. (This may be a west coast thing–I’ve heard the east coast still gets the 90 sheeters.) Then they did the thing with the half sized 160 sheeters which I liked for some things, but not for most. If you all remember, they went back to the 80 sheet rolls. Maybe this will be the same type of thing.

    It all seems a bit too “New Coke”ish to me.


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    I bought a pack of the “new” TP at Costco and promptly returned it. It is absolute garbage. IT disintegrates when you wipe, leaves lint everywhere, and the roll is too large, as well as no longer being individually wrapped. I knew right away they changed the quality, it was VERY obvious. I just found this site by Google, and I’m happy to see I’m not the only one that noticed.

    Everyone should return the new TP to Costco for a full refund, and tell them exactly why you’re returning it. If they get enough returned, they’ll have to do something about it. It’s what I’d call a “primary” product, meaning it’s one of the main items people buy there, like paper towels, milk, etc. They’ve made a major mistake changing this product. At least at Sams Club they have triple ply store brand that’s pretty good for about the same price.

    Way to piss off your customers, Costco! You need to either stop selling this junk, or make it much cheaper – or give an apology to your customers that you can’t provide a quality product under the Kirkland name. Maybe you need to approach another mfgr and make a deal with them (hello, Charmin?). In any case, we won’t be buying this stuff ever again until (or unless) the quality changes. This stuff is WORTHLESS!

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    I am so glad to find this site and in particular, this issue. I thought I must be imagining things (especially after watching the CNBC “The Costco Craze” on how much time and effort went into developing the new TP and how much softer and whiter it is.) But what I immediately noticed was that it seemed to be shredding more in my hand while using it–not exactly what most people would want. I have always been crazy for Costco..but not for this particular product change.

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      Yes, they mentioned every test imaginable with one exception. That test, in and of itself, is unmentionable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    So by all the comments above me I’m not alone. Now lets see if Costco really cares abpout its customers and changes back to what use to be the best bathroom tissue. As many have said the bigger rolls just don’t fit in the standard home paper holder. The new paper is thinner and your finger will go through it when wipping. I like the paper being individually wrapped too but I can pass on that knowing it helps the enviroment keeping all tha plastic out of the dumps BC you know most of you don’t recycle properly.

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    This discussion is hilarious!! I had a bad day so went online to distract myself and found this discussion! Talk about trivial but very important!! I laughed myself silly! But since I haven’tever bought any TP at Costco, not being a menmber (gasp) I can’t participate knowingly in this discussion. But thanks for the amusement!!

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    Why the change to an inferior product? This isn’t like the Costco I know!!!

    It dosen’t fit my holders.
    It leaves cling-ons!
    It leaves pieces on my bathroom floor.
    I seem to have to use more to get the job done.
    It clogs my toilet.

    I am now tring to find something to replace the new costco tp. If anyone knows of a good alternative please post.

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      I stumbled upon this website searching for the always ending supply of toilet paper. According to MSN-money, this is their top selling product, so why would they flush it down the toilet? Thanks for the details, now I have to go squeeze the Charmin.

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    So glad to have found this. I HATE the new Kirkland TP. Too big for my tall, 3-roll metal, vertical containers in the bathrooms. I can “force” the TP in, but that is a big mistake. My husband got a coat hanger and “forced” it out, ripping 3 rolls of toilet paper out of the holder, ruining all 3 of them, and cursing he was done shopping at Costco!

    I will speak to my local Costco next week when I go and see what they have to say.

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    Lol,,,LOL!!!LOL!!! I HATE THE NEW LINTY TOILET PAPER!!!!!! 1000 Yuks!!!!!

    I had to check this situation online BC I LOVE the old Toilet Paper!
    Regards fr. Hawaii

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    Packaging is fine, just keep the old product!

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    Just returned 2 pkgs of the Kirkland TP. We have 3 toilets and lots of company so try to stock up when at Costco. No more of this garbage. As other have stated, it leaves ‘bits on your bits’ and bits on your floor which is plain nasty.

    When I returned the 2 pkgs they asked the reason, and I told them. Hopefully someone at corporate is listening??

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    What is everyone talking about? We use this brand at work and I have no problem with it.

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    The “New” paper is terrible. The quality is inferior to the old product and I can’t believe that their quality control people let this happen.The shedding alone is enough to make you crazy and not to mention un sanitary. Couldnt understand why my young son was having Issues ” down there” until I had the pleasure a couple of days later with rashes from the shedding and moisture and thats just gross.Georgia Pacific was the manufacture of the old product so I wonder if they are still making this new garbage. Having been in the food business for 25 years and the paper business, I can speak about paper and quality and I’m telling you this is a BIG problem.

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      They must be listening. I do market studies to earn extra spending money. One of the ones I did in the last 9 months was comparing Costco brand A vs B..both Costco though. The main thing they were asking about was the “balling” of the toilet tissue.

      I made the mistake of buying a flat of the Costco paper today, hoping it had improved. It has not…still as ballsy as it was when I had tested it. Yuck, who wants to be picking bits out of your bits

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    we are now buying from superstore the premium brand indivdually wrapped tighter roll. The old costco T.P. was use to be our brand We have problems with the size and the lint is everywhere. Please return to your old supplier.

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    I told customer service if I wanted to wipe with my hand I’d go to India. This stuff is awful! I love Sams Members Mark and will stick with theirs. It’s the MAIN reason I decided to keep my membership at Sams!

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      Right on ! — Been there, done that !

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    We love Costco. We loved the old toilet paper. We absolutely hate the new toilet paper. As everyone has said, the cardboard center roll is too big and it leaves lint EVERYWHERE! Lint on the toilet paper holder, the wall, and our booties! It’s awful.

    As one member already said… most customers don’t take the time to complain… they just don’t purchase again. We will not purchase Costco toilet paper unless they bring the old TP back.

    Can we start a TP petition to bring the old toilet paper back?

    Sad in San Diego

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    Thank god for this blog topic…I was doing a search for the best deal on TP and was prepared to buy a “crapload” of this paper tomorrow! I know better now and will be purchasing some cottonelle elsewhere. Thanks!

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    I really miss the original individually wrapped Kirkland toilet tissue and made special trips to Costco just to buy toilet tissue. I kept buying it after they stopped individually wrapped rolls but stopped buying it when they made the rolls so fat that they no longer fit any of the holders in my home. Please bring back the original individually wrapped rolls that are made for standard holders.

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      I just called Costo’s main number and they put me through to the buyer. I left a detailed message but haven’t heard back yet. If the buyer gets more calls maybe they will get the message and switch back to the original product. The buyer can be reached at Costco’s main number (425) 313-8100. Hit zero for Operator and ask for Deb Belcourt, the buyer. If she doesn’t reply to us then maybe we need to go higher in the organization.

      One thing I love about Costco is that it is member driven. Let’s drive this.

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    I have no problem with their new toilet paper. I have to admit that I love, love, love that they are no longer individually wrapped. I hated all that wrapping in my small bathroom trash can.

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    I can honestly say that I have never written to anyone about toilet paper before.

    My family had become such โ€œraving fansโ€ regarding Kirkland brand toilet paper that we used to let our neighbors know when we were going to Costco to buy some. They often would have us pick up some for them. It was the best toilet paper any of us had ever used. It checked off all of the boxes needed for the perfect wipe. It was strong but soft, it was crisp without being harsh, it was tightly packed but fluid off the roll. It represented good value for money. There was no issue with the tissue. Then change came and entropy ensued.

    It was, for me, a New Coke/Classic Coke moment. My favorite Costco item had been changed without my permission and my world has not been the same. I do not know why the powers that be changed the formulation of the product or who was consulted about the necessity of such a change. I just know that the change did not improve my quality of life and sadly, it has made it worse. I can no longer support the product.

    I would ask for your help in restoring to me, Rick Gladych, that which was once mine. The comfort of knowing that Costco had my back (side).

    I believe that โ€œbreakthroughsโ€ should come in Science and Medicine, not toilet paper!

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    When I went to Costco last, I looked at all the brands and noticed that the size of a standard roll of TP listed on the packages was 4.5 x 4 inches. The Kirkland package says the same…so I bought it hoping they had improved the problem with the roll size. But sure enough. It is an untruthful package label. My Kirkland rolls are coming in at 4.5 x 5 3/8 inches, revealing of course, the extent of the problem with the rolls not fitting on my TP holders.

    Dear Kirkland TP Product Manager…if you’re gonna muck with the specs of something…at least properly label it. There is a reason rolls are sized the way they are.

    Also, agree on the dust problem. I thought all the white dust on my TP holder was due to construction at our house…but now I see the source of the problem.

    Has anyone found a good replacement brand? Please let the folks on this thread know! Maybe I missed it?

    • #2100


      I have yet to have a solid information on exactly which toilet papers will replace Costco Toilet Papers.

      Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, despite all the negative reviews, Costco toilet papers are still the best.

  • #2101


    Absolutely hate the new rolls. None of them fit on any of my toilet paper dispensers or the one I have that stores 3 rolls under the top roll. What a disaster. Who wants a toilet paper sitting on the counter all the time?
    Also I hate the paper, it is full of lint and I miss the individual wrapped rolls. I have switched to a deal on Amazon with free delivery
    Angel Soft, Double Rolls, [4 Rolls*12 Pack] = 48 Total Count

    • #2102


      Thank you for the information on Angel Soft Double Rolls.
      Yesterday, I found the product you mentioned. They did have good price with free shipping eligibility.

      But, do you know what just happened?
      Amazon just changed their price (to $24.99) and took away free shipping eligibility.

      So, now, they are $24.99 + $7.95 shipping = $32.94 (plus possible tax.

      That comes out to $0.69/roll. That’s about $0.20 more than a roll of Costco Toilet Paper, About 40% more than Costco’s roll.


    • #2103


      Just checked Amazon here and the new price is $45.95 plus $15.92 shipping…$61.87! The site claims “Only two left”.

      This is typical Amazon “floating” pricing based on an algorithm of searches, supply and demand.

      Still cannot recommend the new Costco TP. We’ve used a couple of rolls but we’ll be giving the rest away to charity.

      We will certainly be switching to another brand, probably from a different store. ๐Ÿ™

    • #2104


      Please keep in touch. I would like to know.

    • #2105


      Good price back.

    • #2109


      I just checked this price. It is listed as $21.50 with subscribe and save order with free shipping. Not bad, huh!

    • #2110


      I know, it’s pretty good. I’ll have to try them myself to make sure they are good (OK) quality.

  • #2106


    The fact that it doesn’t roll out of a standard tp holder is really unacceptable. Time to look for another tp.

    • #2107


      I agree with all the negative comments, the only change that is fine would be the lack of individual packaging.

    • #2108


      Yes, much too large for many holders.
      One problem is the core cardboard is way too large in diameter.

      Sometimes what looks like a bargain is NOT.

      Reverting to Northern tissue, which I liked better anyway.

  • #2111


    The new toilet paper gave me a “rash” and a sore tush. Too rough. Stopped buying Costco toilet paper after many years as a satisfied customer. Went to charmin.

  • #2112


    HATE, HATE, HATE IT! It’s too big like everyone has already stated- not only that but this last bunch has some kind of freak glue issues and every single roll shreds the whole roll through. Think back to the beginning of a roll of toilet paper and the little amount of glue that is used to hold the roll closed…the whole bag of 30 rolls has this stuff through EACH LAYER OF ROLL!!! Very frustrating!

    Plus, I felt (dare I say) special when I opened each roll- kind of like a little gift…miss those days.

  • #2113


    I noticed a big change. I have sensitive skin and let’s just say I am having some issues with irritation. That never happened with the old stuff. I will be returning my stuff for their other name brand alternative until they change it! OMG, for real. The lint is horrible too!

  • #2117


    you should calculate the toilet paper by unit cost… just like Costco does underneath the price. you’re getting a far better deal with costco TP than the angel soft.. it might be better price per roll, but each angel soft roll is about 1/3 less than a costco roll

    • #2118


      Yes I did. And yes I wrote it down.

      Costco – $.50 / Roll
      Amazon (angel soft) – $.47 / Roll (with free shipping)

      And read visitors’ comments…

    • #2119


      Per roll is not unit cost. Per square foot is the standard unit cost for toilet paper. (Rolls with less paper don’t last as long per roll, so cost more per use.)

    • #2120


      I understand what you mean.
      Personally, I think Costco’s toilet papers are the best deal. But that’s my personal taste. Other people might say otherwise.

      If you go to a restroom at your local gas station, they have commercial grade toilet papers containing 1000 sheets per a roll. But, most American consumers don’t use that kind of papers in their houses. In other hand, some people in this world would be lucky to use newspaper as toilet paper. They will swear that the gas station toilet paper is a luxury item.

      Bottom line: I can only speak for myself. We are all different and we have our own preferences.

      Personally, I still think Costco’s toilet papers are the best deal for me. I did notice that quality had somewhat decreased. But they are still the best for my finance & life-style.

      But, I believe Costco’s new toilet papers are not acceptable for some members. People are speaking. I didn’t expect this much responds when I wrote this blog.

  • #2121


    Target store brand (Up & Up) is great quality for the price. I’ve been a Target t.p. snob for 10 years now. ๐Ÿ˜‰ At $11.99 for 24 double rolls, it’s about .50 per roll. Plus, if you have the Target debit card, you save 5% off the price as well. They have sales on it and store coupons occasionally, too. The pkg. currently contains 814 sq. ft. for those that want to do the math. Not as much length as the current type at Costco (which sounds like it is too much anyway if it won’t fit on the holder), but more than the Angel Soft, I believe.
    I saw the big pack at Costco the other day, so I decided to look into it and do the math. Seemed like a good deal for the price, but after reading these reviews, I’ll stick with Target.

  • #2123







  • #2124


    Since I have been using the Kirkland toilet paper, my bottom has been irritated. I was blaming this on UTIs, soaps, shower gels, K-Y jelly, etc., but it keeps coming back to this toilet paper. It also does not hold together and leaves ‘behind’ a lot of flakes and lint…everywhere. I’m going back to my Cottonelle. I never had the issues with that brand.

    • #2125



  • #2127


    Very bad move on Kirkland/Costco T.P. We have used the individual wrapped Costco toilet paper since I can remember. The rolls were a perfect fit in the holders, easy to store with no worries about germs, etc. due to the individual wrap and they fit in our 3 roll t.p. holders in each bathroom. We would very much like the old style individual wrap toilet paper to return.

    There are no plus marks on the new style.

    Negatives: rediculous amount of lint
    too large for t.p. holders
    too large for bathroom extra roll containers
    tears and seperates when used, ugh
    softness is minimal difference
    strenth of paper is much less
    6 pack leaves rolls exposed until used
    6 pack is difficult to store & uses more space

    It would be nice if companies would check with thier consumers prior to making changes. I would have gladly paid a couple of dollars more to keep the old style individually wrapped T.P.

    Seems manufacturers have the misconception that consumers won’t notice as they make containers smaller or thinner yet keep prices stable. Costco has been one place where I can trust Kirkland not to treat it’s customers like idiots. I cannot however imagine how repackaging and changing the quality of thier toilet paper was seen as a good move. The comments here should show Costco changing a great product just does not work, I don’t see every cart in a Costco store loaded with Kirkland TP anymore, that used to be the case.


    (scanner ID # 42000 15753)

    • #2155


      I have to agree with some of these complaints. I loved the previous individual and smaller rolls of T.P. Now the rolls don’t fit on ANY of my holders and the paper explodes in the water clogging up the plumbing! Please bring back the old paper. I’m not a happy customer.

  • #2130


    This toilet paper has given me a rash “down there”, which is VERY uncomfortable & it’s driving me nuts! I have never had a problem like this with any toilet paper before, but I realized it had to be the case because I started getting burning, redness & irritation every time I used this at work. I hadn’t used any new products or detergents, & I noticed my work had recently changed to Kirkland toilet paper from Charmin Ultra Plush (which is what I have used at home for years with no problem). After searching online to get some info. on Kirkland toilet paper (I was wondering if it contained a lot of bleach or fragrance, as the packaging tells you nothing), the internet led me here where I read I am not the only one to get an allergic reaction to this stuff! All I can say is getting a rash on your private parts HURTS & it is like torture, so NEVER AGAIN will I use this product!

    • #2132


      We buy Costco toilet paper for years, never had any problem. the new toilet papers are thick and not disingerating and clogging my toilet. Two times the toilet clogged since we have used these new toilet paper. I am going to return this.

      Costco should recall these.
      It can cause lot of plumbing emergencies for the consumers.

    • #2158


      I am having the same reaction to the toilet paper. I thought it was the detergent I was using so I changed it to hypoallergenic but still had the burning sensation. Yesterday I just realized that it burned right after I used the toilet paper. Have been using the Costco brand for years!!!

  • #2131


    I am so relieved to find this topic. I will never buy again. Have to use more than double the amount of sheets and it still immediately falls apart, balls up and is useless. Very unsanitary and infuriating. Noticed a tremendous amount of lint now on the paper towels as well, nothing left without streaks of lint. Less reason now to enter the store at all.

  • #2133


    Used to buy the old style toilet paper because it was a good product at a great value. The new type is so bad, there is no value even though the price is the same. Made the mistake of buying it once, never again.

  • #2134


    Loved the old individually wrapped. Great value for the price. The new stuff is nothing special at all. I might as well be buying the cheap stuff I can get at any store. Big disappointment.

    • #2135


      I want to relay my experiences with the new Kirkland paper.
      I’ll be brief.
      It sucks!
      Constantly clogged my main sewer line (120+ feet) out to the county line.
      I’m VERY familiar with my line, having installed 80% of it 22 years ago. I installed multiple clean-outs, removed two trees, etc……I know my main line thru and thru. I have never had issues until this dang paper…..problem was I was too dumb to figure it out quickly….but eventually narrowed it down to the new Kirkland paper.
      I now use Walmart’s White Cloud, with no problems at all.
      BTW – I did a test, comparing White Cloud to the new Kirkland paper, as follows:
      -took 2 identical soup bowls and filled them with water
      -inserted one 2-ply sheet of the kirkland in one, and the white Cloud in the other, at the same time
      -(*noticed that the Kirkland paper sank to the bottom of the bowl almost immediately, the White Cloud stayed floating on top)
      -after 45 seconds, I took both index fingers and swirled the papers in each bowl….the White Cloud paper broke apart immediately into little pieces….the kirkland paper simply wrapped around my finger in a big sticky glob!!
      – did the test again….same result
      – had my daughter do the test – same result
      I did other tests, and basically the Kirkland paper doesn’t break down quick enough, or completely enough, imo.
      Never buying it again….period.

    • #2142


      Your experience is so close to ours it’s eerie! Just paid big bugs to have our 120 foot line to county main rodded out, after 20 years with NO problems. The paper formed a big wad near the end of the line, we couldn’t figure out what happened until your (and other) posts. Taking back what’s left of the package, and considering a small claims lawsuit.

      Thank you for alerting us to the problem – will never use the product again!

    • #2150


      We have run into the same problem, sewer backup in the main line. What comes out, Costco TP! It seems to be a problem for many users.

  • #2136


    Who made the decision to change the toilet paper? Huge mistake! I used to go out of my way to go to Costco for the toilet paper. However, while there, I usually spent $200+ on other items i happened to need. Now the toilet paper is pretty much the same quality and price I could pick up anywhere. As a result, I tend to make a lot fewer trips to Costco. Seems like their money maker is now a money loser for them. Bad decision.

    • #2137


      Probably hired a new marketing graduate ๐Ÿ˜€ Someone at costco made a big booboo.

    • #2141


      And it will take more than just one roll to clean that up. Hehe

  • #2139


    It’s just toilet paper I’m gonna whip my butt and flush it down the toliet….. so for me I could care less.

  • #2140


    I first noticed the Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue changed packaging when they increased the TOTAL Number of Rolls from 36 rolls down to 30 rolls AND going from Individually wrapped rolls to 5 (6 rolls packs)

    I DO NOT like the new packages! With the individually wrapped rolls I could fit more rolls in my cabinet. NOW With the new package format that isn’t possible.

    Please go back to the Individually wrapped rolls. I have also noticed since the change the KS Bath Tissue is not as soft as it once was.

    PLEASE Make the changes for USA & CANADA Costco

  • #2145


    I agree with all these comments. I’ve also noticed that their new paper and cardboard roll is extremely cheap and has produced a lot of white paper dust that is all over the bathroom and is clogging up my bathroom fan. Stupid move Costco!!! I now shop at Wal-Mart. I hope you saved enough money with cheap product to compensate for lost business. Consumers aren’t stupid.

  • #2146


    I noticed one upscale Costco location (not my home store, but the one near my work) has just started selling a new Kirkland TP that is unit/unit identical to the Charmin, which we buy. $14.99 for 30 230 sheet rolls. This new Kirkland pack is in pink/purple plastic wrap and claims to be their “softest, thickest” ever. JUST bought it yesterday so I haven’t used it yet but will once the Charmin runs out. It passed the squeeze test and seems just like Charmin in appearance. Looking forward to saving $5/pack at our house…I always thought the Kirkland TP y’all are raving about or even the new stuff that you’re complaining about were terrible cut-rate products. You need a ball of it to wipe effectively without tearing through and poking your own arse. And big wads of TP are going to clog a sewer line, especially if it’s dense/durable paper that when whetted will form an inaccessible cellulosic ball that can’t be quickly broken down.

    As a general wiping tip I’ll suggest you practice what I do and taught my kids to do: 4-squares, folded twice, three fingers, wipe once, fold again, wipe again. I have a big hairy male butt and if it works for me there’s no reason it can’t work for others…if you’re soiling yourself that bad while taking the Browns to the Super Bowl, then try realigning your booty on the toilet so that last section of colon is aiming straight down and pull those cheeks apart. Put some thought into it and maybe the clogged drain problem goes away…I’d be hesitant to simply blame the TP when so much other stuff goes down the drain, and the fact that the TP doesn’t put itself there, a human or pet does that. It’s entirely possible guests hate your TP choice and require wads of it to wipe and it’s not your fault other than making a bad purchase.

    • #2147


      were you stoned when you wrote this? I’m not bashing, I actually love your post. but I’m just curious about your state of mind when you decided to explain in great detail, on the Internet, how to wipe your @$$ … lol. totally serious, not sarcastic. peace.

    • #2148


      I know. haha..
      I am not being rude also.
      It was just fascinating to read how some other people do the business… in detail.

    • #2149


      The new Costco toilet paper rolls are larger in diameter because they are not wound as tight as were the old ones. The new TP certainly is double-ply, but the individual plys are thinner than Target toilet paper (which I now buy instead of Costco). Is rather disappointing that Costco would put their name on a product which is so scrimpy and lacking quality. And they still call it – have on the packaging – “PREMIUM”! I’d expect to get such underwhelming-quality TP at the Dollar Store or somewhere similar – not Costco.

    • #2163


      ROFL pretty funny!
      Thanks for a good laugh!!

    • #2182


      This is the funniest post I have ever read on the subject.

  • #2151


    I read somewhere that the Washington paper manufacturer who provided Kirkland the TP, went out of businesses. Makes sense that Costco would replace the product for a similar cost item.

    Regardless , I’m on ths blog because I was trying to prove to my wife that it was not the same old TP, and that it didn’t dissolve appropriately. Glad I found the post, time for new TP. Plus I savE on not renrenewing membership.

    • #2152


      Don’t drop your Costco membership just for one item out of thousands of great products and savings.

    • #2153


      Doesn’t Costco rolls have 425 sheets in them largest amount of any toilet paper maker. I agree with all the comments about the dust that comes off and the rolls no longer fit in my recessed holder!! But Charmin doesn’t fit either. What now?

    • #2221


      Yes, it’s a large number of sheets, but that doesn’t mean squat (pun intended) because you have to use twice as many sheets now that the paper is thinner and rougher.

      Same marketing tweaking/scam that Charmin uses but in a different way: the rolls are shorter (tube length, when you stand them on end next to other TPs) and lots of air puffed in between to make the rolls seem fatter.

  • #2154


    I like the new rolls, I just need a source for a recessed holder that works with the new roll size. Anyone have a link to a product for these rolls?

  • #2156


    This new(er) version is awful. Its too flimsy and the rolls are far too large for our paper holders. Also, we are very unhappy that the individual paper wrapping has been replaced with plastic multi-roll packages. I will not buy this version or any other brand currently available at Costco since they do not meet our needs. I too am considering not renewing my membership of over 30 years because of this and several other recent issues.

    • #2162


      What other issues concern you. I am a new member.

    • #2166


      My only concern is that virtually eveything is packaged in HUGE quantities, though sometimes there are smaller units in the pack that can be shared with family or friends. I hadn’t really noticed that before signing up.

      That said, our son is our associate member and he saved himself $2000 buying a truck through COSTCO. I saved about $200 buying my glasses through their optical and they are perfect. I love buying their roasted chickens. Huge, and good for three meals. We like to buy our plants there in season. They are huge, gorgeous and very cheap. The deal where you can buy restuarant cards for 20% off is nice. Have you tried their ice cream bars? To die for.

      Our agent at the office said we could turn the card back in for full price if ever we were not satisfied.

    • #2167


      I’m satisfied. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #2179


      Interesting comment about being a member for over 30 years. Costco opened their first store in Seattle in Nov 1984. I know because my card says the date I joined. It says 11/1984

      As for this discussion, I was looking for a solution to the oversized rolls not working on the standard holders. Since I have not seen an answer, I guess going to another brand would be the easiest solution.

  • #2157


    What is wrong with so many of you. Is that all you can find to do is complain about Toilet Paper? If you don’t like it don’t buy it. As for my household, the TP works great! Bigger, softer rolls. Less trash, and best of all it gets the job done!

    • #2160


      People are different. (I’m saying it with respect)

    • #2164


      I would love to answer this question. Today I actually went LOOKING online for a better deal in toilet paper. A 4-roll of ‘cheap’ toilet paper used to last us a week; now we go through 1 each day, and that’s being careful! (You know there’s a problem when my husband is getting mad that we’re constantly purchasing more toilet paper!)
      We know that many products — from O.J. to mayo — are “looking” the same but are being cut-down so they don’t have to ‘up’ the price very much. Well, I wondered if toilet paper was yet another one. When I found this comment, I realized our theory was correct: toilet paper is, indeed, getting cut. It’s just frustrating for us.

    • #2170


      I am not able to roll the Toilet paper on the dispenser… that is a problem. Others find it a problem also. I for one am glad to know that I am not the only one that is unhappy about this. I want to support Costco and buy their products, so if we complain it might help to make a change back to the old way of making TP.

    • #2224


      I couldn’t agree with you more!!! And by the way, the tp I have purchased at Costco is the best deal and the best quality I have found. JMHO

  • #2159


    I hate the TP now at costco. I liked the scott premium brand they used to carry. They don’t have that anymore. I find the newer kirkland brand is very linty – disintegrates more quickly – so you can’t use it for other things (eg if you ran out of kleenex, wipe face or nose) – cos you’ll get left with bits of TP on your face!

  • #2161


    Used to be 425 sheets per roll. Now it is 231 sheets per roll – what a rip off!

    • #2165


      Bought some today. Thirty roll pkg and 425 sheets per roll.

  • #2168


    About 6 or 8 months ago I took a chance on my local [NYC], A&P-Owned, Pathmark’s cheapest “Home Basic” brand [HB] 2-ply Toilet paper when they had a 12-pack sale @ $4; I’d previously tried HB Heave Duty Laundry Soap [liquid] & paper towels and at the price had been quite satisfied.
    I was astonished at the toilet paper’s high quality which matched/topped similar ‘Name-Brands’ I’d been buying on sale tho usually at about 50% more per roll.
    My recollection is that at sale-end the price popped to $4.50 and just now [8/25/13] it’s up to $4.98 which, per roll, still beats out the others.
    Package Details are as follows:
    12 Rolls; 300 2-ply sheets [4.3″ x 3.66″] per roll; Total Square Feet: 393.45.
    I’d done the ‘maths’ originally & will check them again periodically but I seem to recall that the ‘sq. ft.’ going price for others was around a penny & a half; so, HB’s still about 15% cheaper with as good or better quality.
    I think “Home Basic” is also available at regular A&P Supermarkets though perhaps under a different name than is used by their Pathmark stores. Good Luck

  • #2169


    I know it seems crazy, but I honestly don’t care how much toilet paper costs, within reason. If it does the job, then I’m happy.

    That said, the new rolls are so large and they don’t fit in my toilet paper dispenser. After purchasing the new rolls several times and being frustrated that it had to sit on the back of the toilet for a day, we stopped buying it. And now we purchase our tp from other places, and pick up our other staples there as well. We are considering letting our membership lapse because we don’t go to Costco as often. Which is a shame since I really like Costco.

    I really wish they’d bring back the smaller roll size. I’d buy more from them and more often.

    • #2171


      Buy White Cloud from Walmart White Cloud is 3-ply others 2-ply.

      Your Welcome

    • #2218


      I’ll wipe with my tongue before I shop at WalMart

    • #2219


      No, you can’t say that. Maybe their toilet papers are good. I like Wal*Mart. They sell many same name brand products, cheaper.

  • #2172


    We purchased the Kirkland Costco toilet paper after seeing a special on tv about Costco. The documentary told about Costco’s number one product being their TP, and it has been thoroughly tested in their own scientific lab. Impressive. However, the quality is not good after all. It crumbles apart very easily. Extremely disappointing for a retail giant whose number one, top selling product is no better than a roll from the Dollar Tree.
    What good is “softer and thicker” if it shreds and tears easily in your hand. I am going back to White Cloud Ultra from a local discount retailer.
    The rest of Costco products are good.

  • #2173


    Don’t waste your money! It is thin and total dollar store quality! ๐Ÿ™

  • #2174


    I am telling you that this TP product is Horrible. As a wopman we do NOT apreachiate the extra resadoo that is left behind when using TP of Any kind. If you don’t throurley clean yourself up after using Kirkland TP you’ll be left with teeny fibers of TP in areas that are not not wanting to carry around such yucky stuff that can then eventually cause infections if your not cleaning up after wiping yourself. I would like to ahve the old product back, and get this one with all the resadoo gone. PLUS it is leavibng my TP roll area from where I get it full of what looks like dust but it is tyhe resadoo for the TP roll. So you can just amazine what your “private” area looks like after you wipe.

  • #2176


    I did not notice that anyone has mentioned width .. Costco tp seems to be 1/2″ narrower than before. Do not like the narrower paper. Think how many extra rolls of tp this generates for the manufacturer and we are still paying the same price but getting less paper !!

  • #2180


    I don’t know if it is just a bad batch, but I just became a Costco member and tried the Kirtland Toilet Paper and it smells terrible. And I’m not talking about putting your nose up to it and smelling…I’m talking about a stench that you can smell from 4 feet away. I took the wrapping off the other 6-packs and let the toilet paper air out in the garage for about two weeks and that helped 90% of the smell go away, but it is still there. I never thought I’d have to “season” toilet paper before using it. LOL. This is the first and last time I’ll ever buy Costco toilet paper again.

    • #2183


      After my Grandmothers entire home backed up flooding it; The plumber let us know that charmin now makes costco toilet paper. The plumber receives at least seven calls per day about backups. All related to costco toilet paper.

      From the toilets to the street the entire sewer line was filled with costco toilet paper.

      It has always been known by plumbers that charmin is the worst. Grandmother is 94 years old, this was too much on here and a lot of money to have carpet people and plumbers to come in

    • #2197


      Totally agree about the smell. When I use it to blow my nose it smells like rubber. IK…last time I buy it as well.

  • #2181


    Our new package of Costco TP is labeled as having 425 segments. In fact, there are NO segments. Instead, the rolls are continuous, unsegmented paper. Users need to use scissors or a knife to tear off what they need. If you try to do this without a sharp edge, the paper sheds longitudinally. We have had to throw away at least half of each roll.

  • #2184


    So, Cosco has changed its bathroom tissue. Yep, it doesn’t fit the roll. It’s bad stuff!
    But what is worse is the paper has to be wound around the hand about five times in order to work. Otherwise it shreds and splits apart. Worse, a finger will pop through the paper and that’s not nice. I liked the old individually wrapped paper that they used to have. The new paper is too large and all fluffed up and no longer fits in my wall paper dispenser.
    I do travel a lot and when I found the paper that I liked, I started to look for it on line. The new paper that I found and liked is used in motels and other establishments. It is reasonably priced, double ply, embossed and STRONG. It doesn’t shred like the Cosco TP and leave lint. Try using the individually wrapped Optima Double Soft Floral Embossed Bath Tissue. It’s not as soft but it does really well. Cosco needs to test some of these items before they drop them on the public. It would save them a bad rap!

  • #2185


    For the first time I tried the kirkland brand toilet paper thinkingit was such a great deal but after experiencing thin tissue that rips apart and is very un absorbent I learned my lesson. I would rather pay a few buck more for the Charmin mega roll.
    More is sometimes not better.

  • #2188


    Something has been really hurting my bum bum; making it itch constantly, too. I bet it is this TP, now that I see tgey changed it. Switching tomorrow. Also, ever seen in the sunlight all the dust particles Costco TP makes when you crumple or tear it?? Inhaling all those bleached particles every time you go to the bathroom can’t be a good thing. Another reason to switch. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but what if all the TP fiber dust particles are causing cancers.

    • #2229


      I also experienced this rectal itching. I switched to Charmin and the itching went away.

  • #2189


    We recently noticed that our toilet was getting plugged quite often and then linked it to the fact that we had started buying the Kirkland brand toilet paper. After the last plug occurred I took the same amount of toilet paper and let it sit the toilet for 3 hours. Afterwards, it flushed down. As another person stated the paper doesn’t breakdown fast enough and plugs the toilet.

    • #2190


      Oh, good info.
      As much as I love Costco, I stopped using Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper some time ago.

      Thank you for sharing information


    • #2200


      THANK YOU! I thought I was crazy..We started using Kirkland brand toilet paper about 6 months ago, love it. BUT, we were always plugging up.. Cost me $2400.00 to have the clog removed and the septic tank pumped. The plumber said there were big globs of t paper all through the system. Thought will it was just time to have everything cleaned out.. 4 months later here we are again. We’re plugged again. Lived here for years and just started having problems since started using Kirkland brand toilet paper..

    • #2208


      I am a professional plumber/ septic specialist. Countless times customers have been shocked when I open their tank and tell them, “I see you use Costco tp.” It causes septic back-ups. Period. Billy Clark

    • #2236


      Just had my septic tank cleaned out today, the tech (company i trust completely) ask me when the last time i had the tank serviced / cleaned, which was just shy of 3 years (looked at the paper work). He said the amount of toilet paper accumulated in the tank seemed more like 6 years or more. The TP was so thick on top he had to use a spade shovel to break up the solidified TP in order to get it out and i am here to say he spent 45 min.s working on the TP alone. Now the last cleaning this was not an issue. Started using Kirkland signature brand 4 years ago. Quit using it TODAY. I heard SCOTTS is better for septic systems will research, would appreciate any thoughts. Thx

  • #2191


    I was just in my local Costco today to pick up (Stock up) on TP and Paper towels. There was none in the store of either, they only had Charmin TP and Bounty towels with no space for the Kirkland brand (as if they ran out…). The store was overwhelmed with customer so I just left unhappy, without attempting to find an employee.

  • #2194


    Not only is the new TP inferior, but the paper towels are also not good quality. They towels will not tear evenly at the perforations and rip in the middle of a sheet.

    They changed suppliers and it shows — Not buying this stuff anymore.

  • #2201


    Just tell me where I can buy the old Costco toilet paper the new paper sucks

    • #2222


      Agree with you! The change was obvious immediately from the hand feel, and later where it counts ๐Ÿ™

      The sheets are much thinner and harder and remind me of what you got in the restrooms of gas stations long ago.

      Bad move, Costco.

      Same problem with the change in paper towels, those are thinner, too. Not good.

  • #2211


    I used to love the Costco toilet paper! Back in 2008 I used to buy it all the time! Then I lived alone and couldn’t justify buying in bulk. Now I’m married and 6 years later we decided to sign up with Costo JUST for the toilet paper I told my husband about! I remember it being individually wrapped and really soft. I was so disappointed today when I saw the toilet paper! It’s not as soft or thick as I remember and yes more difficult to store without the individually wrapped rolls. We only wasted $50 but we will not be renewing our membership.

    • #2214


      Costco refunds membership if not satisfied

  • #2212


    This new product has superb quality & value. It’s very soft without being “linty” like some competitive brands (like Northern, for instance). It’s also strong enough to clean as it should & sturdy enough to keep from tearing upon use. The “425” sheets per roll is very convenient so you don’t have to keep replacing the roll so often. Yet even with 425 sheets, the roll fits just fine in the toilet roll holder; there’s no problem at all with the fit. We are so glad that the rolls are not “individually wrapped” any longer as it was such a pain to store & unwrap each roll individually. At the great low price of .50 per roll, this is a real value that simply can not be beat anywhere else!

    • #2228


      You must be from marketing at Costco…

    • #2232


      I thought the same thing. SMH! It appeared to be rehearsed. SMH! You are right, the quality sucks. I will never buy again.

    • #2233


      You must be the buyer that was bribed to switch to this inferior product.

    • #2235


      OK I had to agree with you but then we bought it again and it was crap single ply, no pun intended. How did we get lucky the first time then fooled twice, not again

  • #2213


    We love the new soft 30-roll Costco toilet paper. It’s just right. It’s comfortably soft & gentle, yet strong enough to clean properly. In comparison, Charmin is so overly soft that it compromises on cleanliness, just when you need it to work (if you get my drift). Contrary to the previous posts on this site, a 425-count roll of Costco toilet paper is NOT too big or fat to fit into a toilet roll holder. We’re glad the rolls are no longer individually wrapped with that bulky paper which attracted bugs and was really annoying and laborious to have to unwrap each time a roll was needed. The new svelt “6-roll” packaging stores efficiently and is much easier to handle.

  • #2215


    who makes it, who is the supplier, is it from Koch brothers?

    • #2239


      The Naheola Mill near Pennington, AL is a Georgia – Pacific operation which produces “Angel Soft” toilet paper. “Yes”, it is owned by Koch Industries, but it has had numerous owners through the years. However, hardworking middle class people are employed at this paper mill. In my eyes, at least it’s a U.S. based plant which employs Americans. Thanks for buying American products which are produced my our American timber growers and manufactured by American workers.

    • #2241


      Thanks for the info. Will no longer buy this tissue. I know it is American made and I feel for the employees, but the destruction The Kochs have made in this country far out numbers the benefits.

    • #2249


      Facts and data sources please.

  • #2216


    I want to thank Costco for the new 425-sheet rolls. An added bonus is that the rolls are much wider than other brands, yet fit perfectly in toilet roll holders. It’s so nice that they’re no longer individually wrapped in that scratchy paper which was hard to unwrap and drew insects. I love the new softness and durability of this product. The people who wrote the negative comments below will be happy to know that this wonderful product is a lot like an Obama policy – a real giveaway at .50 a roll. Obamaphone! Obamaphone!

  • #2220


    NO GOOD CHANGES HERE. It honestly feels like a completely different product.

    As of April 14, 2014
    Kirkland brand toilet paper used to be the best! It was thick, soft and like a luxury toilet paper for an excellent price. I’ve been buying at Costco since they were Price Club, decades ago.

    Over the years, Kirkland brand products have deteriorated in quality.

    The last batch of TP and Paper Towels I bought (April 09, 2014) is much thinner and rougher.

    The paper towels are much thinner than they used to be. They’re weaker, too. I don’t mind that their perforated for a ‘select a size’ experience, but it’s sooo much thinner.

    Blech. I’ll find other places to comment on the Costco recipe changes :/ pies taste rancid: change in the fat in the crusts and the addition of dehydrated apples that began a few years ago are among the other products changed for the worse.

  • #2223


    Can’t believe Costco would buy this stuff to resale to us members. Maybe the Costco buyer is getting a bribe from the manufacturer or something. Just doesnt seem to fit in with previous Costco philosophy. I just hope this kind of quality free-fall doesnt spread to other products they sell. I used to trust them without question but I’ve lost that blind trust. From now on Im being very critical of everything I buy from them and not sure I’ll renew my membership when it comes due.

  • #2225


    I recently sent an email to Costco relating how disappointed I am with the newer tissue. First of all, plastic is BAD and with the previous tissue that was individually wrapped, you can recycle the wrapping. Plus makes it much easier to store/stack. I don’t like to take all 6 rolls out of the plastic wrap and stack. The two-ply keeps separating when tearing off the roll and it kind of shreds off, doesn’t tear off neatly as before. The price is good but frankly, I’d rather pay more for a better product. I don’t know what is better at this point. I think Northern and Charmin both create a lot of “dust” because there is always some remaining on the floor beneath the toilet paper holder. Not good.

    • #2230


      all of the poly packaging on the KS towels & tissue are 100% recyclable

  • #2226


    Get used to buying the now inferior Kirkland TP. Costco is deleting other brands from their systems. This means once Charmin is gone from the current stock it will not be replaced. I guess if Costco can’t get their members to buy their brand when sold against better products, they just stop selling the better products.

    It’s too bad Costco has put profits ahead of what it’s members want – especially when most of its profits used to come from memberships.

    • #2227


      I agree that the new kirkland toilet paper is an inferior product – i just purchased the new package and find so much fluff and small pieces of toilet paper flies off the roll. 2 for 2 rolls so far have this problem through-out. I have dark tiles in all bathroom floors and now find i have to sweep or vacuum all the stuff that comes off the toilet paper after each usage.
      No I’m not brave enough to ask for a refund – in case I have to demo it!! I just won’t buy this brand again – must have literally been the ‘end of the roll’ where all the manufacturing garbage gets included in the product.
      Disappointed in this product for sure.

    • #2231


      I totally agree.

      Fluff and stuff flies around and then in the sunshine my dark tile floor needed to be vacuumed! or washed…….

      Will not buy this product again.

    • #2240


      I also find it to be a terrible product and will not buy again.

    • #2256


      Costco has a no-questions asked return policy – you should never be scared! I bring empty packages back to return all the time because I thought they were not very good, and I have been told by an employee before to fully evaluate the product.

      Another fun tid-bit about costco, ask them to open something to try it, and they will!

    • #2234


      Thanks for the info, I noticed the width is smaller. The Bean-counters never account for how many customers they lose. They only show profits for buying inferior products…. WAKE UP COSTCO!

    • #2238


      I have found out that i’m allergic to Costco kirland toilet paper so I’ve went back to using my charmin, and your right Kirkland brand does fall apart and leave fluff behind both on you and your floor. I won’t be buying it anymore, don’t know what’s in it, but my skin hates it.

  • #2243


    I read many comments (but not all of them) and did not see any mention of the ease of tearing the sheets off of the roll–my biggest complaint is I can’t seem to tear them off without them ripping down the side and leaving a big tail hanging. Sometimes if I rip it fast enough it doesn’t do it but most of the time it does and it is frustrating. I need to think about other brands the next time I need to purchase because I am tired of this issue.

    • #2244


      I absolutely agree about the fact that the Kirkland toilet paper doesn’t tear cleanly. That is also my major complaint, and it is the sole reason I no longer buy it. It’s just too messy.

  • #2245


    I did not like the old Kirkland tp as I found much of it clinging to my body. They once sold Marathon tp and now I am looking to find where to buy it. Lasts long and it doesn’t accumulate on me.

  • #2246


    I have been using this TP for about two months. I got a uti, possibly glutened and a yeast infection. It’s DEFINITELY the TP. Kirkland is made from recycled products so many may be allergic to it.

    • #2252


      sadly it is not likely ur uti was from the toilet paper but more likely that it was ur hygene practices that caused this infection. Put the blame where it truly needs to be. I can guarrenty that the toilet paper is much more sanitary that ur hands are every time you use the toilet paper

    • #2253


      We have had the same thing, UTI symptoms but it is not a UTI. I believe it is chemicals used in the production of this TP that causes the irritation. It can also cause anal irritation as well. We switched TP brands and the problems went away.

  • #2247


    Hmm… I joined Costco last week and was thrilled at the size and quality of the toilet paper for the price. I found this forum while searching out of curiosity to find out what manufacturer makes the Kirkland bath tissue. I’ve read a lot of the comments below and I feel like Costco MUST have improved the product yet again before I bought it, because so far, it is great! I am not a fan of soft & fluffy, nor am I a fan of thin and flimsy. This toilet paper is right in the middle, leaves no lint, tears cleanly, is soft to the touch and works great for blowing noses! I will buy it again and again and will be crossing my fingers in hopes of receiving the same great quality each time.

    • #2248


      Oh, thank you for your feedback.
      I hope more positive reviews will come in.

    • #2255


      I like the Kirkland toilet paper.
      Wish Costco was closer to my home.

  • #2250


    Submitted by guest on Oct7, 2014
    We have had trouble with the Costco Kirkland brand toilet paper, a lot. It doesn’t break up in water and clogs the plumbing. Sometimes we could fix it our selves,but in the last two months, we have had to call out a drain cleaning service. They asked us if we were using Kirkland and told us that they get called out at least 5 to 7 times a week for that reason. When you see the water go through your system, when they are snaking it …there goes the toilet paper. I will never use it again. It has already cost me over $400.00, to clean out the plumbing. Probably the same reason we had to have the pipes snaked for the past few years also. I wonder how long it does take to break apart?

  • #2251


    Not sure if I am complaining to the correct people but I generally Love Costco products!! Not to thrilled about this one though: I bought a large quantity of “Marathon” toilet tissue for both my home and office. The packaging says “2-ply” but that is a total JOKE!!Yes, there are two sheets of tissue but they are single sheets that are not even perforated in the same place. Thus, you pull off a few sheets and half of what you have got is 1-ply. I am taking mine back!!It is a JOKE and not what I wanted (especially when it is fall allergy time and you need to blow your nose) Who wants a handful of mucus?!?

  • #1880


    I am Sorry Costco. We love you, but this topic is not going away.
    200+ Comments and counting…

    You’ve asked for it: There is a Toilet Paper that could beat Costco toilet papers in both quality and price.  // IMPORTANT: This deal goes on and off.  Price goes up and down.  Make sure to double check price before buying ($22.63 & Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25)

    Angel Soft, Double Rolls, from Amazon, 48 Count for $22.63 (Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25). = $0.47 / Roll

    *People are not happy with Costco’s new toilet papers (I still think they are the best deal).  Read comments. 


    There has been big changes on Costco (Kirkland Signature) toilet papers.

    • Old Costco toilet papers came in packages of 36 rolls.  The new package contains 30 rolls.
    • Old Costco toilet papers were individually wrapped.  The new Costco toilet papers are packaged as 6 pack.
    • New Costco toilet papers are supposed to be softer and thicker.  I do believe they are slightly softer and thicker.  I am beginning to wonder if they are not as strong, which can be a problem.
    • Old Costco toilet papers were $17.99 for 36 rolls – this comes out to be $.50 each roll ($0.499722222) – this is a very good price.
    • New Costco toilet papers are $14.99 for 30 rolls – this comes out to be $.50 each roll ($0.499666666).  So, per roll price was not changed.
    • New rolls of toilet papers are too large (fat) for toilet paper holder.

    People are not happy about the changes.  If there are better toilet papers (better deal) I would like to know, so please leave me a note.

    Old Costco (Kirkland Signature) Toilet Papers packaging
    Image from past blog – July 25, 2012

    Costco Kirkland Signature Toilet PapersNew Costco toilet papers in 6 pack in the middle.
    Older, single packages also shown.

    Costco Toilet Papers comparisonNewer Costco toilet paper is visibly larger and darker in color.
    Older Costco toilet paper is on the right. (smaller and brighter)


    After thought:
    I wanted to shoot a demonstration video by using peanut butter as sample prop.  Then I decided not to do that due to the fact that a lot of people may find it distasteful.


  • #2254


    I just read John’s comments that include: “You’ve asked for it: There is a Toilet Paper that could beat Costco toilet papers in both quality and price. // IMPORTANT: This deal goes on and off. Price goes up and down. Make sure to double check price before buying ($22.63 & Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25”

    If I am not mistaken, the cost per sheet is much less for the Kerkland paper because they come 425 sheets per roll vs 264 sheets for Angle Soft.

  • #2260


    I have been buying Kirkland TP for years and this last package was noticeably different!.. It was only one ply and totally different. The packaging was a little different and when I returned my big package today and went to buy the purple colored Kirkland package and there wasn’t any. So they have evidently changed to this one-ply stuff you’d find at a rest stop on the highway. No absorbent, strong or soft. Bring back the old TP Costco!!

  • #2261


    No where did I see any mention of Kirkland Ultra Soft toilet paper. Found out they are discontinuing it. Used to use Charmin. The Ultra Soft has a better price. My wife likes it too, otherwise I would not have bought it. When I couldn’t find it in my local Costco I started asking around. Was told it causes problem with septic system. Judging from what I read the Ultra Soft was not mentioned as one of the culprits. Last week I asked the store manager and he found out the Ultra Soft will not be carried anymore. I still think it is a good producr and now I have to pay more for Charmin. Had problem with Charmin’s thicker version. Clogged toilet twice so I went back to the other Charmin. Then I discovered the Kirkland Ultra Soft. Been using it for a while. Hope all the other discussion regarding Kirkland toilet paper did not cause Costco to stop selling their Ultra Soft. As I said, I didn’t see any mention of the Kirkland Ultra Soft toilet paper. Love the Ultra Soft but have to look for alternatives.

  • #2262

    John KH

    One of the big reasons we shopped at Costco was the Ultra Soft toilet paper. Since you have discontinued it with a lesser quality product, we won’t be shopping there anymore, period! We hereby discontinue you! See ya, Costco. Oh yea, anyway to get our membership fee refunded?

  • #2263


    The new paper sucks. It falls apart so i’m using much more of it. I won’t be buying their toilet paper again unless they change it back to the old “recipe”. Anyone have a good alternative?

  • #2264


    I started to buy Charmin at Costco. It's pretty good.

  • #2265

    Astrid McTague

    All the comments and posts I read on here are true. Very disappointed now as it was the best TP available. Also whatever they’ve done to the roll now, it seems to not be smoothed or finished on the sides of the rolls, so lots of tiny bits fly on the floor and so there is white mess in the bathroom all around. Not going to purchase it anymore.

  • #2267

    Williamettia Scott

    Less rolls
    Inferior appearing in color
    Disintegrates immediately upon getting wet
    Requires more paper/ wipes to get the job done.
    Sticks in cracks and crevices sorry TMI

  • #2269

    don h

    I went on mu search engine to see if others had problems with the new Costco toilet paper. Wow, do they!! Our problem is that is too thin. Will Costco take it back for a refund do you think?

  • #2271

    Matt McDonald

    sorry… but until COSTCO starts putting the name of the manufacturer on their Kirkland products… I won’t buy them anymore. I refuse to buy stuff made by the Kock Brothers.

  • #2274

    What Ever

    I have a stand which can hold paper towels if needed. I don’t mind this new stuff.

  • #2275


    Dislike the new size. Also am getting way more lint and I think they’re making it narrower.
    My big question is why is the core such a large diameter? I’ve never seen a dispenser with a roller diameter that large. I don’t think they will fix this, years ago I asked them to fix thr dish soap that clogs the spout constantly and they ignored that request as well.

  • #2276


    I will be re-thinking my Costco membership. It is a 125 mile round trip for us but could justify the trip with the stock up and save mentality. It is not just the TP that has changed for the worse. I have been a member since 1993′ time for a change

  • #2277

    Ed M

    We have been using costco bath tissue for many years and the quality has always been top shelf so why would they do this to us. If you want to raise the price go right ahead but why would you mess with the quality. I thought i just got a bad batch everyone in the home noticed it right away but when my next batch came home and it was the same thing I just knew Costco gave in the a lower cost for them(for them same price for us) and lower quality for their customers. Really sad

  • #2280


    I came back to Costco because of the toilet paper and the great cooked chickens…. they had a purplish package here in Maryland when I started and now it it discontinued it was not this fluffy as the one they are ‘forcing’ us to buy. Do not like the poor paper quality and WORST of all I am allergic to it… Bad rashes causing terrible itching with bad rash and a Dr. apt… and of course she suspected nothing nor asked any useful questions to lead me to a solution other than ” Here try this stuff I think you will love it” ok 2 more months of that plus Costco TP and I realized the only thing different was this paper. So as we all need to to I tried out my theory and after about a week I am back to my old self. I suspect it is some sort of chemical treatment of the paper?? Is it ‘recycled’… whatever it is I hope no one else has struggled with this unnecessary problem

  • #2281


    I am sorry to hear that. 

    I guess the only bright side is that you are not allergic to ALL toilet papers of all brands – that not many companies are manufacturing TP's the same way as Costco's. ๐Ÿ™

  • #2284


    contacted costco 3-4 years ago about their toilet paper going down the tubes i.e. quality, quantity and now as stupid as it may sound…..balling up on my butt (and other places). when i am finished with my bundle of toilet paper from costco, i will never buy it again!

  • #2288


    Yes, This paper that you’ve been complaining about comes from Georgia Pacific, AKA the Koch brothers. Costco terminated their contract with Kimberley Clark and switched to Georgia Pacific. It wasn’t too long after that when the KC plant in Everett, WA that was making the Kirkland TP was shut down. 900 jobs were lost. No, I don’t buy GP products.

  • #2290

    James Green

    Your new toilet paper is awful. It is 2 ply but the thin plus together are no thicker than a 1 ply toilet paper. I am throwing away 30 rolls that I bought and won’t be buying any more. You can make more money by messing with almost any other product. Not toilet paper. This was one of the main reasons we are costco members. You have removed that reason.

  • #2291


    James don’t throw away the toilet paper! Either take it back for a refund or donate to a shelter.

  • #2292


    I know – don't trash 30 rolls.

  • #2294

    Kathy Kirschenman

    Having our septic system cleaned today and the guy said it was clogged with paper. Asked what we used and we told him, he said it’s the worst toilet paper to use in a septic system, doesn’t break up.

  • #2295

    Jodi m

    Wow just decided to do a search as we’ve had to unplug our sewer twice in the last month. A job that we only did twice a year. Also had troubles with the toilet plugging up. ONLY thing different was that I bought for the first time Costco toilet paper! I always used #Purex toilet paper just waited for it to go on sale. Now I know the problem is the #Costco toilet paper. Never again!!!!! Thank god we have our own electric auger but still what a shitty job. Thanks #Costco

  • #2296

    beverly conran

    I will be stopping purchasing Costco TP. It was the best by a country mile , now it is thinner and breaks off before it should. Crappy pardon the pun(or bum)! Feel totally ripped off. Once again when something is selling a lot they will change it and not for the better! Last sale for me!

  • #2298

    Larry D

    After spending the winter in Florida and returning home I could see a difference in the Toilet paper purchased there, it was a lot better. They must have different suppliers there as it was much softer than what they sell in the “north”. I also like the fish oil pills from Florida better, they are shorter then the ones here so they fit in my pill box better, which is no big deal , I just bring a few bottles back home.

  • #2299


    Just switched to costco tp and I am very allergic. It’s horrible! First time trying it but it was a huge pack for cheap. Regret that.

  • #2302


    I just read your post and another’s. We just had our septic system pumped/cleaned 2 years ago. A couple months ago I started using Costco’s toilet paper. Someone warned me against Charmin because they said it does not break down fast enough. I started thinking about this change as Costco brand does feel “thicker” to me. We have been trying to unstop clogs for the last two weeks! I asked Costco through two separate emails if they had any customers complain about their tp being a problem for septic systems and all that they will reply is it is “septic safe.” Lots of things say that but it doesn’t make them true. Thanks for your info.

  • #2304


    It’s funny. Neighbor recommended these, and said they’re ONLY $19 and sometimes cheaper. Did she not realize that she’s only getting 30 rolls now, and less quality?
    I now buy TWO types eachmonth. If Walgreens has the package of Scott (1000) rolls for $7.50 or less, we go for that. If not, they sell 1000 rolls each, 10 for $5. ANYWAY, my Second brand is Cottonelle when on sale (Walgreens) for $3.99. We don’t buy the Aloe one, because it has had less Sq ft. This brings the grand total to less than $12/month, and it lasts the whole month.
    If anyone knows of once that will last this long, let me know.
    If you don’t like either brand but don’t know how to price shop tp, always look at the SQUARE FEET. Compare it to its absorbency (like, I “half” Scotts’s Sq footage because it’s so thin).
    I hope this helps someone.

  • #2309


    I have long been a super-enthusiastic Costco member but it seems to me that their quality is dropping steadily as is their variety. The toilet paper is but one example. They also refuse to offer any kind of paper towels other than the select-a-size kind, which some of us do not like. I now buy paper towels from Home Depot. Sam’s Club also has the regular kind (plus the select-a-size) and I am tempted to join. It’s just that I really don’t want to support a Walmart operation. I think Costco’s slippage is tied to founder/CEO Jim Sinegal’s retirement (or was he just kicked upstairs). Under the new guy, price seems to be the driving factor in most everything. That’s the Walmart way and look where that has gotten THEM.

  • #2311


    We’ve noticed that the rolls are inconsistent in width and all oddly cut rolls are too wide to fit in our standard, builders toilet paper holders. How low quality that the cutting machine can’t cut equal sized rolls? Imagine the inconsistent quality of the actual paper. Thinking that there are harsh chemicals as suggested by the people having allergic reactions is more then disappointing. Quality is not Kirkland any longer. So sad the trust is gone starting with toilet paper.

  • #2312


    We love this toilet tissue however the package we recently bought had no perforation. Not good.

  • #2319


    This is the 2nd or 3rd roll of costco toilet paper that I have noticed what looks like black inside the roll when unrolled there is something that looks like it was pressed into the paper. Maybe a dead bug or something else. It is very scary thinking about what it could be. I have saved the section and the packaging that it came in but do not know what to do now. I will not be buying it ever again! I have used it for years and never say anything like this! I am worried it is not sanitary now!

  • #2324

    Liliane Gilbert

    Very happy to have a better product that does not disintetrate when wet.

  • #2326


    This year, I’ve had two brand new unused rolls from two separate packages that each had a brown spot on them the size of a dime. Really weird and shocking to see. Looked like pooh inside a brand new roll. I threw the roll away both times.

  • #2327


    I think their rolls changed. It does not feel as soft as it did before. I’ve been buying Kirkland for 3 years, and our most recent package that we bought in August 2016 feels different. Anyone else notice this? It feels more scratchy.

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