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    New costco toilet paper is not as good as the old individually wrapped rolls.

    The paper itself falls apart much more easily, the 2-ply does not stay together, and it leaves a lot of lint on the floor under the holder, and probably on us too. Also, NOT softer. I have an old roll and a new roll, and the difference is noticeable.

    By having larger rolls in plastic 6-packs, there are fewer places to store these. We normally break up the larger bag of individual rolls for storage under multiple sinks. The paper protects the roll. Now in the 6pack, once it is open, it’s open. It doesn’t fit in the same area either.

    The large roll itself doesn’t fit in some of the older tp holders in the bathrooms. You have to wait until the first quarter inch is run off.

    It seems like we are going through the larger rolls at a faster rate. I think this is due to the problem of the paper falling apart too easy, and using more.

    NOT a fan of the new rolls. I have been buying Kirkland for over a decade, and this is one of the main reasons I use Costco – for paper products and some fun seasonal items. This is making me look for new TP elsewhere.

    Not happy. Not buying more. Hope they change it back.



    The peanut butter demonstration needs to be done. In the name of science.

    It’s that kind of in-depth Costco reporting that keeps me coming back to this blog.



    Oh boy… I have some idea on how the demonstration can be done with peanut butter.

    I’ll have to use both cream & chunky so I can associate better with people with different diet.

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    I have to agree with the others–I like the OLD TP from Costco better. I don’t like the new “texture” at all. I think the old kind was their best seller for a reason. I also liked the individually wrapped and smaller rolls. It does seem like they did this to save costs but the quality isn’t the same.



    Costco needs to hear from as many dissatisfied customers as possible. Why mess with a popular product that made so many people happy. This new toilet paper is crap, the packaging is not sanitary like the old way, and the fact that it does not fit in bathrooms that have indented toilet paper holders shows that no proper research was done. I’m boycotting this product unless Costco brings back the old packaging and style. Since I often go to Costco primarily to buy TP (and then buy $100 worth of other stuff), I think Smart and Final will be getting my business now.
    Shame on you, Costco.



    The new paper is not as strong and leaves lint everywhere. We buy our paper at another store now, Northern brand.



    I too am not happy with the change to the new 6-roll packs. Like many, I have been buying this TP for years and loved the quality individually packed rolls. The old TP definately seemed stronger to me and although the new rolls do seem fluffier I agree with the other poster that they are certainly messier and riddled with lint.

    The worst part of all is that I noticed that the new rolls do NOT indicate that they are septic safe like the old ones. This means those with septic systems and/or RVs will likely not be able to use this new paper. Even though we are not on a septic system, I always enjoyed the fact that we could use the same quality paper in our home and our RV, but that no longer seems to be the case.

    Very dissappointed that Costco made this change and I am still hoping that they will bring back the old version; or have both and gove comsumers the choice. Otherwise I will likely be shopping for a new TP product soon.



    Agree with negative comments about the new Costco TP. I won’t be buying it again and I’ve already bought a supply from Target. The price for generic Target TP is not as good but the quality is decent AND IT FITS IN THE TP HOLDER! Liked the individual wrappers on the old Costco TP but would be willing to deal with the 6-pack if the roll would at least fit in the dispenser. We still have a few rolls of the old Costco TP and it’s more durable and less prone to, uh, leave dingleberries. Hate the new stuff.



    FYI: They are septic system safe.



    I don’t like the new TP and will be buying a different brand.



    The new Kirkland toilet paper cardboard core is a few millimeters wider. You can slide an empty older core into the newer core.



    Thank you for the info.
    You are my kind of person!



    It can’t go back to the old way, the Kimberly Clark mill in Everett closed (due to greed) my husband worked for them and he said it was the best toilet paper they made. So now it is made by another company I won’t name but there machines can’t make them the same.



    What is the next best toilet paper to try? I assume it will be awhile before Costco replaces the too large, highly tear-able (linty) rolls with a product as good or better than the “original” TP.



    This toilet paper sucks.

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