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    Costco whole combo pizza shows on top of take out window 4500 calories in 8 slices.
     Any cheese lovers out there willing to take a guess how many calories in a no cheese whole combo pizza either per slice or in total?

    I ordered mine with no cheese, ate 2 slices, freezer bagged 6 and 5 days later still have 4 slices in freezer.

    I liked it,  no cheese at all.


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    Below is my rough guess.

    • Generally, industry put 11 oz  – 15.5 oz on an 18″ pizza
    • Most common cheese to put on pizza is mozzarella.
      • Pizza makers mix different cheese varieties.
      • I don’t know exactly what kind of cheese mix Costco is using – but mozzarella is my starting point to guess.
    • 1 oz of mozzarella cheese has  78 calories.
    • So, my rough guess..
      • A whole Costco pizza has 858 – 1209 calories just in cheese
      • A slice of Costco pizza has 143 – 201 calories just in cheese

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