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    Northrock bicycles are only available through Costco.  So, they ARE Costco bicycles.

    I bought CT3.  This is women's model.  I have no problem buying women's bicycle or women's socks.  I only care for my own comfort and my own benefit. I think the bicycle looks good on me.

    CT3 has 17" frame.  17" frame fits perfectly for my height (5'7").  As a matter of fact, I don't see how average American woman (5'4" – 5'5") can ride this bicycle comfortably and safely.

    I bought a bag of snap peas with the bicycle

    When  I looked up this bicycle online, I've read some people putting this bicycle down.  They made fun on the fact that it had a kickstand.  Don't choose your bicycle to satisfy armchair cyclists.  Pick your bicycle that will satisfy your needs.  Personally, I absolutely need a kickstand.  That's my life-style.  I ride bicycle to different places.  I will stop my bike often (to get drinks, to photograph stuff, talk to people, play tennis, etc…).

    Look at above stock photo.  That's exactly how my new bicycle looked like when I took it home.  This bicycle functions perfect as is, but it needs some accessories if you want to truly enjoy it.

    So, I purchased following items:

    • Replacement seat (for comfort.  One that will keep me fertile).
    • Rear view mirror (I know it's dorky, but, I ride city street).
    • iPod speakers/Sunglasses case.
    • Gloves
    • Bicycle computer (To track speed, distance, temperature, time…)
    • Seat bag (bag that fits under the seat)
    • More coming… (maybe)

    Northrock Bicycle has my recommendation.  Costco has done it again.  I believe this is a great bike.  Northrock uses quality, brand name parts.  Bicycle is smooth, solid, and fun.  I am very happy with my purchase. 

    Picture of my bicycle coming up.




    Thanks for posting this! I recently got a used Northrock off craigslist! I haven’t been able to find a price or any good reviews on it! I Love my bike I’m new to riding my bike but I think I’ll be riding my bike around town A LOT MORE!



    I have put hundreds of miles on my Northrock xc29.
    Ot is not top of the line but I did not want to spend that kind of money. I ride with 2 other guys and they did spend top dollar and I keep up with them and destroy them on down hill speeds.$600 bucks no regrets and still having fun beats $2200 and regrets!

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