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    Costco is bringing the Cheeseburger to additional locations.

    Today I saw a “Coming Soon” sign with it at the Torrance food court.

    Wondering whether it’s now also coming to places other than SoCal. Anybody seen them elsewhere?



    This is a big news for many people.  OMG, I am very excited. 

    Let me check it out

    Thank you for letting us know.



    I read on nbclosangeles some Colorado locations have it as well. Anybody knows which ones these are?



    Got one of them in Torrance yesterday. The started selling them faster than I expected.
    Bad part was I was thoroughly disappointed. I had them at the Lakewood, CA location before (more than once) and they were always great, otherwise I wouldn’t have got them again, but the ones in Torrance are nothing to go back for.



    Maybe burgers are different than hotdog in terms of “cooking” and having that “culinary touch”. 

    Costco hotdog is a simple mathematics.  You put a processed meat on the bun.  Every single Costco employee can follow that simple instruction.

    But, can every single Costco employee come up with juicy, tasty burger patties?  How do they cook the patties anyway?   Hm….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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