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    I have gone through 3 HP inkjet printers in the last two years, one under warranty.  I’ve had trouble with every one, either telling me I’m out of ink when I’m not, that I’m not using an HP cartridge when I am, not being able to come out of "sleep" mode or just not responding.  I’ve had to regularly unplug, reboot, remove software and reload.  I’ve had similar problems with HP printers at work and told the main office to never send me one again.  They sent a Brother which works great.

     I’ve noticed a lot of controversy worldwide with HP. Canon and Lexmark over their built in obsolescence chips in the ink cartridges.  I will never again buy a printer from one of these 3 companies.  Despite my latest HP is well within warranty, I’m tired of all the time wasted and bought a Kodak ESP 9250 that was on sale from Bestbuy.com.  If I had bought from Costco, I’d get a Brother, since I’m happy with the one at work and it even works with generic catridges.  I’ve always trusted the sales people at Costco, but they need to wise up on recommending HP.  

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