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    Enfield CT store said product was discontinued.  Will there be a replacement of any kind?  Is this product in other Costco stores?



    I buy that all the time! I sure hope they are improving it or replacing it!



    I haven’t seen it in 2 months. Yesterday at costco I had them look it up and yes it’s been deleted. I suspect they will replace it soon, possibly with an organic version since I’ve seen many new organic items lately.

    Maybe they are switching manufacturers? Anyway I certainly hope it comes back soon, it was a staple in ours house and an excellent value.

    Now if you enjoy their peanut butter cups, grab them if you see any. It’s been deleted also.



    Me too. I’m considering dropping my membership because that’s one of the main reasons I shopped there.



    My family really enjoyed this as well, but nothing for about two months or more at that store. Went there last night and asked and was told it was discontinued. Would be nice if they bring it back.

    Trying the Tropicana that they sell but it isn’t no where near as good.

    We wont be as drastic and consider canceling membership over Orange Juice, but the OJ will be missed.



    Our family loves too. If they can package dole oj, pineapple banana, it would be awesome.



    For you who think the word ORGANIC mean better

    For example how the hell do you really make an organic orange??? It has a skin on it! So all the bird and pest poo or other things won’t get on it…same with grapefruit and bananas. Some people think too much.

    Adding to this, you wash off the pesticides and any other animal bodily fluid that ends up on in on on an “organic” product

    So go cry a river
    No better yet get brain washed and cry an organic river!!!

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