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    Hi, here are a few things to know about being an official blogger.

    • You are welcome to write blogs here – just don’t forget this website is about Costco & being friendly. 
      • I cannot allow people to spread anger and bitterness.
      • I cannot allow you to promote your own business.
    • Feel free to write blogs.  Feel free to stop writing blogs.  Don’t feel obligated.  It’s all for fun.
    • I can set you up with your own space where you can upload your images.
      • You must know how to re-size your images.  You cannot upload large images.  My website is not sophisticated enough to re-size images automatically.
      • For some people re-sizing images is a basic, common sense.  For some people this is an impossible task.
      • Images can get tricky because of copyright issue.  Generally speaking, images taken at your own place tend to be "Safe".  But, if you take a picture of your favorite Costco employ, I cannot post his/her image without the person’s written approval.  See? It gets tricky.
    • Feel free to ask if you need something. 
      • I can change your ID, create new category, fix stuff… 
    • You can pick one specific topic such as Costco Tires, Costco Seafood, Costco Snacks, Costco Vegetables…  and I will create that category for you.
    • It’s all for fun.  I take this website very lightly.  So, don’t get too obsessed about this website.


    I am looking for anyone who has experienced leaking from the collar around the dispenser of the 150 ounce Kirkland Fabric Softener. My new bottle, which was properly stored leaked almost the entire contents into the cabinet. Any comment on this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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