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    Project completed: Made $550

    OMG: After this blog, somebody sent me a hate email.  He/she was angry that I didn’t share my profit with my co-worker.   But, you don’t know the whole story.  You don’t know what I did, after this blog, to celebrate my profit.  And I don’t have to explain these things.  I am not on trial.  This person also tried to figure me out (about me being single, etc…).  Again, you don’t know the whole story.  Maybe I am gay.  Maybe I just got divorced and not ready for relationship.  My blog is not a sworn statement.  Even your best friends tell you exaggerated stories and twist facts.  There is really no reason to get angry.  Like I said on my introduction page, maybe "John" doesn’t even exist.

    This person also pointed out how much I could bench press when I was younger.  Do I have to feel guilty for working out?  By the way, the exact weight I bench pressed was 225 lb (AKA "Two Plates")

    When it comes to Costco, I try to be as accurate as possible.  But, when I talk about my personal life, I try hard NOT to be as accurate (for my privacy.   This blog and following hate email is the perfect reason why).

    Don’t get angry at Michael J. Fox for destroying the time machine.  It was only a movie.

    Now, back to my blog.


    My co-worker called me when I was on lunch break (eating at home).  Our neighbor at work just threw out some barbell plates (weights) in the trash dumpster, he said.

    My coworker had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.  He doesn’t workout.  I used to bench press 200+ lb in my younger days when my body weight was 145lb.  I knew those plates can be expensive.  There is absolutely no space to put any kind of exercise equipment at my 1 bedroom apartment, but I had to go check them out.

    In the dumpster I found 10 York rubber plates.  They were:

    • 45lb – 4 plates
    • 35lb – 2 plates
    • 25lb – 2 plates
    • 10lb – 2 plates

    They were Total 10 plates (5 pairs), total weight of 320 lb.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I hit the jackpot.  I backed my car up to the dumpster and took all the plates.

    They are rubber bumper plates.  They are designed so they can lift them over-head and drop them on the ground like you see in The Olympics.  You didn’t think the Olympic lifters drop metal weights on the ground did you?  Also, all plates have same diameter, just like you see on The Olympics.  They are good stuff.  York is a top brand name.

    I told my clueless coworker that they are worth $150-$200 total.  I also told him that I would not sell them.  I said that to him so he will not ask for his cut or finder’s fee.  🙂

    Then I met my neighbor at work.  He asked "You took all the weights?  What are you going to do with them?" "I want to keep them.  They look nice." I replied.

    Between you and me? These are super expensive plates.  A single plate sells for $127.00 (click) with $48 shipping.  A set like this will easily go over $1200.00 brand new.

    Now I am going to sell them. I listed entire set for $500.00.

    ### Update ###

    • I sold 4 plates (10lb & 25lb) for $200.00
    • 4 weeks later, rest of the weights were sold for $350.00


    lol. I fee bad for your co-workers! jk! More $ for Costco!



    I tells ya, I am starting to believe in God.
    I made so little money last month.
    My paycheck from last month doesn’t even cover my rent.
    (I tell you the story later what’s going on)

    God sent me free money… I don’t know how else I can explain this.



    Good story with an awesome conclusion! Too bad about the guy who was jealous of your good fortune. Way to go man!

    Marysville, WA



    Thank you

    PS. I almost went to Seattle Washington. I was going to visit Costco warehouse #1 & #8 (Kirkland). But, the plan fell through. 🙁

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