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Below is my facebook entries – Part 2.

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  • You will like this one. When I drove to work, there was a (young) couple crossing the street very slowly AND diagonally. So, I had to slow down for them. They were getting in the car. So, I waited for them to start driving. When she started to drive, I came out. She hit the break. Then I crossed the street very slowly & diagonally. So, those mofos had to wait for me.
  • I had to put "Please do not clean my desk" sign for the cleaning lady. She’s like Drago from Rocky 4. Whatever she touches, she destroys…
  • torn between Jingle Dogs and Jingle Cats. Cannot decide… 🙁
  • Can’t wait to grow hair in my ears… 🙁
  • This year, I was called "Ma’am" or "Lady" at least 6 times.
  • I am sick of wearing casual year round. I shall propose "Formal Monday" to my boss.
  • There is absolutely no come back when a girls says "Man up!" to me. That sucks~!!!
  • hates it when sucker MC’s try to bite my rhymes
  • I once had a co-worker named Stanley (15 years ago). Everyone hated Stanley. We all concluded that he would die in 5 years. 5 years later Stanley Died. I felt horrible. I have never hated anyone since then.
  • It’s Monday morning 1:15am. I am going to Del Taco for a Macho Nacho. I try to convince myself…. "If I don’t fall asleep, it’s still Sunday".
  • I love rich people. They give me sh*t.
  • A lot of work at work. A lot of work at home. I’m no fun. At least I have my youth… Oh, crap, not anymore…
  • (pic) Sat & Sun are the only days I eat red meat. Also the only days I eat out.
  • Thank God for pep pills.
  • It’s fine that you don’t watch TV. But, when you say "I don’t watch TV" why do you have to make that snotty face?
  • I live very close to work. For example, if I want a drink? I would grab a can of soda from the refrigerator at work, and get ice from my apartment. But, I don’t go home for #2. I like sharing toilet seat.