Fuzzy Boots


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I just received this pair of fuzzy boots.

I was looking for something like this for about 2 years.  I didn’t want to ask here, because I was afraid that costcogirlinVA would introduce me to something super expensive like the last time I bought a pair of Ecco shoes.  Haha~!! Just kidding.

Anyway, I paid about $30.00 from a military surplus store (online).  I will wear them indoor only.  These are for cold days when my feet are cold.  Before each use, I will wash my feet and put on clean socks.  I don’t plan to wash them for a long time.  I am afraid I will not retain its fuzziness once it’s washed.   I’ll be happy if these will last 3 years ($10/year).

So far, I’ve been enjoying these a lot.  Very nice… I love them. 

OK, I tell you a little secret.  Do you know the ultra soft socks for women only? (Costco sells them).   I have a few pairs of them.  I wear them rarely (when I feel like it).  Good stuff.


Oh my God, what do you know.  I can see my Ecco shoes in the kitchen. On the left you see my weights & exercise mat. I use that stack of books to do uneven push up.