Going to Costco Alone (without a friend)

I plan to go to Costco alone tomorrow.

To me, there is nothing like shopping at Costco alone. As some of you already know, I have mastered the art of living alone. I know how to have quality time alone. I practice music, work on personal projects, exercise, cook, & etc..

One bad thing about living alone is that I will die alone. If I get lost in the mountain, nobody will look for me. Yikes… Anyway…

Costco shopping is one of those activities I enjoy more when I am alone. My friend enjoys going to Costco with me, not alone. She will find out that I went to Costco without her, because she will see refrigerator full of Costco stuff. I will tell her that my staple items ran out. And I will ask her to go to Costco with me (this weekend).

But, I will not tell her how much fun I had at Costco alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy female companionship. But, to me, Costco is extra enjoyable when I am there alone. It’s just me and Costco, with nobody else.

I can checkout new products without feeling rushed. I can watch chickens spinning at rotisserie oven for 5 minutes and feel no guilt. I can change my mind and go back to the isle I visited 20 minutes ago. It’s a crazy good time.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Costco shopping. I shall treat myself with a hot dog.

Happy shopping.