Happy Be-lated Fathers Day


Another Greeting, About Me

I'am here because I love Costco and use and make a lot of things with their products I purchase and I get asked about what I am doing with it from friends and family.
Sharing is caring 🙂

Born and raised in Washington State.
I graduated at 17 from HS and Cosmetology College.
Married, mother of three adult children.
I have an executive membership also at Costco 25 years ago.
I am self employed.
Co owner with my husband of our company for 28 years as a sub contractor for residential homes.
We are neither rich or poor, but I grew up poor.
Hobbies: Cooking, organic gardening, foraging, hiking, 4 wheeling with friends, rock painting, puzzling and dancing...
I am not a professional at anything, just a reg down to earth Jane of all trades 😉 That sounds to good. I try.

I hope that my sharing will help someone,


Per husbands Fathers Day dinner request: Spinach ravioli’s. We cooked down Costco spinach first. Then I used my new red kitchen-aid stand up mixer I got on coupon sale from Costco to make homemade pasta.

Love Costco’s Organic Zucchini when I am Not Growing It.
Spinach Ravioli Over Pan Seared Squash.