Happy Labor Day 2011

Happy Labor Day everyone.

I don’t work physical labor.  But, I can use a long weekend.  I’ve been putting so much over-time that I’ve been totally wiped out for several weeks now.  I can really use some sleep.

I was home alone for the weekend.  On Saturday and Sunday, I ate babyback rib and ribeye steak.  I plan to eat good on Labor Day.  I can’t eat meat three days straight.

I listened to a lot of Christmas music this weekend.  I burned Christmas candles and watched Polar Express.   Polar Express is a relatively new movie, but it quickly became my favorite Christmas movie. 

It’s 2am Labor Day (Monday) morning.  Summer is unofficially over.   I have a door opened right now.  There is a hint of winter in the air.  It’s crisp and cold.

I’m going to bed now.

It’s going to feel weird not going to work on Monday.

Costco will be closed for Labor Day.  I wonder if Bed Bath and Beyond will be opened.  I was home alone for 2 days straight.  I want to drive around a little.

Good night~


PS. I thought about opening a Match.com account.  Mm… maybe later…