Happy Thanksgiving 2017 – More Pictures

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Happy Thanksgiving 2017

This is my 8th year baking turkey alone.

I have places to go every year. I thank them, but I refuse to join them. Nobody, including my family, matches the comfort and joy that I have when I bake turkey alone.

I want to bake my turkey. It’s so much fun.

One of my coworkers enjoys visiting my house on Thanksgiving day for a few hours. Because I provide comfort and joy… a lot of good stuff to eat.

I just woke up. I shall take a shower and start the day with coffee. I cleaned my kitchen last night and put on some Christmas decorations. Look at my beautiful kitchen. I came a long way. Remember when I was poor? Now I feel awkward (guilty?) to show pictures because I remember not having good things like these.

Life’s been fun so far. But one thing I envy the most is people who have families of their own. You have the best gift. It makes me want to cry when I see father and son walking together, etc… It looks so beautiful and I wish I have that.

Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll talk to you soon. Have fun~!!

OMG, I am getting better at baking turkey.