Hate calling cable company for discount

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It is common knowledge that we should call our cable company periodically and ask for a better price. With today’s technology, many people cut ties with cable providers. So, when you call them, they must try to make you happy.

When I first sign up for Verizon FIOS, I was paying $130 a month for cable, internet, & phone service. After several years, my monthly bill is now $169/m.

I knew I should call them and ask for a better price, but I hate calling the cable companies. So, I’ve been putting it off for a few years. I am pretty sure that cable companies know we hate calling them.

Today I finally called them. Now it’s Frontier FIOS. And they gave me a $25/m discount just like that. That’s $300 extra annual income for me.

So… I lost $1000+ last several years because I was not on top of this game… because I hate calling my cable company.

I am the only person to blame for this. I need to be more proactive. I feel stupid. I will not let this happen again.