Hot Sauce Lineup

These are hot sauces I have now.

I put them in the order of preference from left to right.

  1. Blair’s After Death Sauce is my favorite.  It’s really hot but it’s got exotic flavor. This was the most expensive one ($5-$6)
  2. Castillo’s Salsa Habanera is from Mexico.  I bought 2 bottles when I went to Mexico. It quickly became my #2.
  3. Tapatio is my general purpose hot sauce. This is the cheapest from the lineup ($.59)
  4. Ralphs (California Supermarket Chain) hot sauce is #4 but I still like it a lot.
  5. One on the right is the newest one.  I hate this.  It’s going to the trash.  It tastes so bad that I think maybe I have a bad copy.

*I like Tabasco, but I don’t have it (too expensive for what it does).  If I had Tabasco, it will be my #3.  Tabasco is excellent on pizza.