I am not OK. Pray for me.

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*Update – my car was declared a total loss.

I was driving to work Friday morning, and I got hit from behind very hard. The picture may not look like much but look at it closely. The front side of her car is embedded in the backside of my car. I had to pull out a part of her license plate from inside my muffler. Her radiator was destroyed. It was a hard hit.

There is no broken bone. There was no blood. But, 5 days later, I have a headache that seems to get worse. And I feel nauseated. I think I’ll have to see a doctor.

I had to get a rental car, go out car shopping, talk to my insurance company, get my car picked up, etc… I had to remind myself not to skip meals. I had to pay close attention to myself so I will not forget my keys, paperwork, wallet… This was the time I had to take care of myself.

All this is depressing because I realize I am alone in this world. God bless single people. I keep telling you that one thing I envy the most is people who have a family of their own.

Below (picture) – the green circle is the opening of my muffler. It cut the license plate (of the person who hit me) like cookie dough. It blocked exhaust, so I had to drive home slowly.

Several days were blurry. Then I realized Christmas is only a week away. I got robbed out of my Christmas. I only have12 days to Christmas. How poetic is that? Oh, how much I love Christmas. I wish the spirit of Christmas will make things better for me.

I guess I should feel thankful that it’s not worse… It’s not THAT bad, but pray for me.

God bless everyone. I will keep you updated.