I have no problem trashing 40% of my strawberries

(grumpy old man)

I rarely buy fruits and vegetables at Costco.  There are few exceptions, but generally speaking, it’s not logical for a single person living alone to buy fruits and vegetables in Costco size.  27% of all Americans live alone, that’s 88 million people living alone in the US.

Then I saw this video promoting us to save food. 40% of food in America is going to waste, it says.  The video shows strawberries being spoiled and getting dumped to a trash can.

As a single person living alone, this promotional video rubs me in the wrong way.

  1. First of all, it sucks that we trash 40% of our food.  I will try harder not to waste food That’s given. but…
  2. I can’t help but wondring that.. if they know 40% of strawberries are going to waste, why don’t they sell strawberries in containers that are 40% smaller? how about any other produce items? Why don’t they package them in smaller containers?  possibly in paper containers (bags).
  3. I’m pretty sure that a team of experts decided what sizes strawberry containers should be.  And they knew 40% of strawberries will go to waste.  So, fate was decided by corporations and regulations, not us who cannot eat the whole thing.
  4. I will not put a pacifier on a gallon jug of milk and complain that babies don’t finish their milk.  No promotional video will change the outcome.
  5. If I want strawberries I will buy strawberries, but I will not force-feed myself.  I will not force myself to eat strawberries day after day after day… until I finish entire package.  Even if I buy smallest package, some of the strawberries are likely to go to waste.  And I have absolutely no problem with that.
  6. In short, if they really care about food going to waste, they should make the packages smaller. They do it with blueberries.  So, why not with strawberries?  There are 88 million of us living alone in the United States.  Some of us are tiny old people.  We will not apologize for NOT having large stomach.

Thank you.