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2 Pancake Mixes - Regular & Fancy

Costco carries 2 pancake mixes.

  • Coach's Oats - MultiGrain Pancake Mix
    4 pound - $7.79     $1.95 per pound
    Fancy grains, need to mix egg & water.
  • Krusteaz - Buttermilk
    10 pound - $5.49    $0.55 per pound
    Regular mix (still very good) - just add water.
  • Syrup used - Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup - $19.79

costco pancake mix
2 pancake mixes from Costco

I didn't know which pancake mix to purchase, so I got them both.  But, clearly, I had a higher expectation on the expensive yet smaller pancake mix by Coach's Oats.  Per pound, the Multi Grain Pancake Mix was 4 times more expensive than Buttermilk.

Krusteaz Buttermilk (cheaper, bigger one) has a classic pancake house taste.  This is a solid, good pancake.  You will not miss out on anything.

Coach's Multigrain Pancake mix is different.  You may find this too fancy for your taste.  I can tell this pancake mix is high class with a lot of grain.  It's grainy and breaks down easily.  This doesn't have that classic taste.  It's a very good pancake mix.  It's richer and fancier compared to  Buttermilk.  But if you are craving for that classic pancake-house taste, this is not for you. 

Personally, I am happy I got them both.  My next purchase will be the 10 Pounder (cheaper).   I like the price, taste, and the fact that it doesn't require egg to prepare.

Update (May 24, 2011)

I don't always see Coach's Oats pancake mix at Costco.  But they periodically bring them back in stock.  So, watch closely when you are at Costco.


Coach's Pancake mix is by far the best I have ever tasted.
Unfortunately our Costco has not carried since early this year. Cach is not distributing it in our geographic location. We are forced to buy it directly from Coach, the price is o.k. but the shippping costs are exorbitant.

I wish Costco would at least carry this product twice a year.


Oh boy.
I'm eatin' pancake this weekend.
I'm thawing a pack of frozen bacon right now.

Pancake is good time.
They are special treat for me. I don't eat pancake often.

We love Coach's Pancake mix and were surprised we couldn't find it in our local Costco store yesterday! Could you tell me where you were able to order it?

R & J

I don't know where you can order them.
I hope Costco will bring it back - they often do.
Keep watching.

You can go to the Coaches Oats website and order it directly to your home ;)

I LOVE these pancakes, by far the best taste and best nutritional benefits.


R & J
I don't know if you will get this message on time.
But, I saw Coach's Pancake Mix today (Jan 7, 2010) at Costco.

I hope you'll find them at your city.

God bless.

Our Costco isn't carrying the Coach's Oats product anymore either. I'm seaching the web to order myself.

COSTCO Discontinued Coaches Oats Pancake mix. I went last night and saw they had marked their remaining stock down to 1.97 per bag, so I bought 45 bags. I wouldve bought every single bag but I was in a rush.

Whole grain an non "enriched flour" is much healthier for you. It is easier for your body to break down and you wont put on weight very easily if you skip the enriched flour crap.

Also the economy is about to implode so I advise you buy A LOT of food right now before you become too poor to buy it.

I'm glad not the only one. I love Coach's oats pancake mix. I discovered this at Costco while in Maui a couple years ago and ended up bringing back several bags in the suitcase since it was nowhere to be found in Iowa. I called them up but at the time they had no plans to distribute to the midwest. :(


No wonder I couldn't find any.

I love this pancake mix. Its hearty, great multigrain texture and also has flax seeds. Since I couldnt find it at Costco, I switched to some other mixes...but I am back, craving for Coach's multigrain pancake mix. I ordered over the phone directly from Coach's, cost me $9.97 per bag and $10 (for 2 bags) for priority shipping to NY.

I purchased three bags of Kursteaz Multi-Grain Pancake Mix from Costco. Actually they were making the pancakes and giving out samples and they were delicious. Since then I have never found the pancake mix there or on the Krusteaz website. I know I am not crazy, because I have the package right here in front of me. This is really good stuff, if only you can find it. I also find that if I use 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds instead of the egg it calls for, it makes a better pancake and you don't have to have an egg in the house

About using 1 TBS of flax seeds instead of egg...

You must be a real good cook. Very impressive.

Normal people (especially guys) would never be that creative. Me? I follow the instruction on the package very carefully like I'm mixing explosives. Haha..

Have a nice day~!

I LOVE the Krusteaz - a clever mix of "crust" and "ease" - whole grain! I made them yesterday and froze them with wax paper between. YUMMY today with sugar free syrup. If you measure, 3 of them are only 4 pts on Weight Wathchers and I LOVE the hearty, whole grain taste and the little bit of crunch. I am going to try them with the flax seed next time. I don't know how they could be any better!

Ugh!! They stopped carrying these at my Costco. I'm looking to buy on line - My kids love these pancakes and they meet my nut allergy requirements too! Off to find an online source

They rotate products,so..
I hope you will find them at Costco occasionally, because I see them occasionally.
Then you can buy a few bags at a time.
Keep looking.

Have a nice day~!

Coaches Oats are the best, hands down. Costco is foolish not to carry them anymore.

mutlti grain package did not have waffle receipe instructions.
Can't find it on their website either...

Bring back Krusteaz Multigrain ~ we can't find it anywhere.

Months ago, I bought Krusteaz Multi-grain pancake mix for a large brunch I was throwing and EVERYONE, even the pickiest little eaters, loved the multigrain. I told them to find it and Costco. But sadly, we haven't been able to find it since. I've looked at differend stores for months and have only seen the regular mix. Please bring back this yummy, healthier option!

Our Costco also stopped carrying it. Another a few miles away does still carry it. We found out that Costco rotates stock... so what might not carry it today, might tomorrow... and vice versa. I like to substitute 1/4 Coaches Oats for any white flour recipe. We don't even use it for pancakes right out of the bag, but rather 1/2 and 1/2 with Bisquick and a handful of Quaker Oatmeal. I am working on the CopyCat recipe (from the back of the bag) to create my own. Difficult ingredients, but maybe a health-food store. Here it is UNTESTED at this point.

4 C - Whole Rolled Oats (chopped in processor)
6 C - White Whole Wheat flour
1 C - Triticale (or Whole Rye Flour)
1/2 C - Barley (chopped lightly)
1/2 C - Whey Protein Powder
1/2 C - Nonfat Milk
1/2 C - Flaxseeds (Pulse for 1/2 second in processor)
1/2 C - Millet (Pulse 1/2 second)
1/2 C - Buckwheat (Pulse 2 seconds)
1 TBL - Baking Powder
1 TBL - Baking Soda
1 TBL - Corn Starch
1 tsp - Salt
1 C - Cooked Brown Rice (cooked, dried and chopped)
2 tsp - Vanilla (Add to Brown Rice before chop)

Costco (Medford, OR) still does not carry it. Love those pancakes. Short of ordering from Coaches directly, where can I get their product?

WE started using Coaches Pancake Mix after my husbands Diabetes diagnoses, to get more fiber into our diet, and the flax in the Coaches causes you to eat less, it is more filling. We have to stock up on the Coaches, because it seems that Costco (everett, wa) only carries it twice a year.

Our best results, and better cost wise is to mix both the Krustez and Coaches into our own mix. I use 2/3 Krustez, and 1/3 Coaches, you still get the great taste of both. I add one egg and 1/4 oil to make fantastic Waffles.

You can go to and buy it direct, but they charge $10 a bag (you have to buy 2 bags) plus shipping

Has anyone tried Whole Foods for Coach's Pancake Mix?

Costco stops carrying certain inventory when the manufacturer wants more for their product than Costco can sell it for and still maintain a profit margin. Costco operates on a very thin profit margin, believe it or not. They have few varieties of any item and it is packaged to sell in quantity.

Stacy's Cinnamon Pita chips is an example as is Coach's Pancake Mix. Stacy's wanted more for their large bags of cinnamon pita chips so Costco refused to carry them.

I found that if I put whole wheat flour, flax, walnuts, and a little extra sugar into the Krustez recipe that it comes close to Coach's and doesn't cost as much.

I am trying to find the Krusteaz whole grain pancake mix and would like to know where/if anyone finds it somewhere other then Costco. The Des Moines Costco doesn't have it (as of 4/30/12), and we live 2 hours away so would prefer to order on-line.

Let me know if you find it.

Meanwhile, I'll write to Krusteaz to see if I can get it.

Ruth in Iowa

Sorry...but I've always made pancakes from scratch. They are so easy to do and they taste divine. Plus you know better what you eat.

I used this recipe many times with great results!

3 large eggs
115 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
140 ml. milk
a little salt
4-5 tsp sugar
This recipe separates the eggs. The egg whites are beaten with a mixer until fluffy adding the sugar little by little. The flour is mixed with the yolks, baking powder, salt, milk.
In the end the egg whites are mixed with the flour batter. Use a pan or an electric griddle to cook the pancakes. Enjoy!
You may also add some blueberries!


Thank you
This is something I will definitely try.

This is your basic classic, but Nothing like Coaches Oats, which I have as yet to fully replicate.

you are comparing apples to oranges

That's why I was comparing it.