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Costco Phone Card - Prepaid

This  blog was written in 2008.  Phone cards are now absolete

If you never tried Costco's Prepaid Phone Card, you MUST read this.  This can save you a lot of money.

With Costco prepaid phone card, you pay less than $0.03 per a minute for long distant phone calls, period.

My total long distant telephone expense is about $20.00 a year.  One phone card with 700 minutes lasts about 1 year.  I don't use phone too much.  I also have a prepaid cellular phone which I pay $5.00/m.  I will tell you about that later.

I don't have a long distant carrier for my home phone.  My long distant carrier's been cut off for many years now.  I have 800 access number and the pin number in my speed dial.  I just "click" "click" and I'm connected to verizon at less than 2.9 Cents a minute.

Costco used to have phone cards from MCI.  That's when I first purchased Costco's Prepaid Phone Card.  Now they are from Verizon, with the same low rate.

With less than $0.03 a minute, there is no excuse to keep your long distant carrier. 

Costco also has Verizon's International Prepaid Phone Cards.

These cards are real deal, nothing shady about it.  You must get it.  It's a sure way to save money.

Recharging phone card is pretty simple.

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