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Buying Eyeglasses


Project Completetd

I need to update my eyeglasses.  My everyday glasses are about 8 years old.  They are scratched up badly.  It effected my everyday life. 

This is a big project, I need to:

  • Get new prescription
  • Buy several eyeglass frames
  • Get lenses.
  • Tint selected glasses with desired colors.

I hope to spend less than $400.00 for everything.
Most people spend $300.00 on one pair of eyeglasses. I am trying to take care of several pairs of eyeglasses (plus an eye-exam).

Project started:
April 21, 2009

Costco comes short on frames: 
Costco has good, quality eyeglass frames.  But it's not easy to satisfy picky customers like me. I don't see any frames that will fit my ugly face.  Also, Costco only carries high quality brand name frames.  That's why I had to go online.


July 3, 2009
I am still shopping for glasses.  I believe I spent over $600.00 so far.  I will have less than 10 pairs of eyeglasses when I'm done with this project.

August 20, 2009 (4 months into project)
Oh boy... I have 11 pairs of glasses now.  I think I'm getting a few more.  I spent roughly $700.00 so far.  I hope I don't go over $1k. 

If you know me from this website, I tend to get obsessed over everything I do.  I can feel that my phase for eyeglasses is almost over. 

Jan 2010
$1,200.00+ later...  project completed

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