Lack of Motivation, Home alone for Christmas.

I’ll be home alone for Christmas for the third year.

Lately I am lacking motivation. I don’t think I’m suffering from depression. I have seen people suffering depression before. I am doing very good compared to those people.

I just feel lazy. Sun goes down too fast and 5pm seems like it’s bed time. I am not updating my websites.

I am too lazy to fix good dinner. That effects my body chemistry. I am not as “regular” anymore 🙁

I didn’t touch my guitars for weeks.

All my life, I was the one who encouraged people around me. I am the positive energy. I am the funny guy.

But, when I feel sluggish, I have nobody to turn for pep-talk. I should snap out and be productive.

God bless everyone. I hope you are having fun.

I will keep in touch soon. I’m here…