Major Delay – Computer Upgrade

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My server computer needed to be upgraded. So, I had to open up my machine and moved 400GB of data. This alone took me 2 days.

I will be handicapped for about 4 days. Then I should be good for next year or two.

This is my server computer. It does nothing but backing up data, plays music, & record TV shows occasionally.

It holds 2 DVD, 4 internal HDD, & 4 external HDD. You can see 2 hard drives hooked on top of the machine. I have RAID-0 on the OS drive. This means I always have an exact duplicate of the main hard drive (just in case).

I must take care of them moneymakers.

PS. No, I am not enjoying this. I used to have fun working on computers though. In fact, I built this computer from scratch about 9 years ago. Everything inside the case is replaced once or twice since then. I miss the time when I used to stay awake 2-3 days at a time, building computers with cheap parts. CompUSA was a happening place back then…