Misto Olive Oil Sprayer – 2 Pack

I say this time to time.

Some items are not as “cheap” at Costco.

You can trust that Costco will not scam you.

But, sometimes, some other stores will have special deals that Costco simply cannot beat.

Costco sells Olive Oil Sprayer by Misto.  They are $19.99 for 2 pack.

I was surprised to see this at Costco.  I bought the exact same sprayer from Bed Bath & Beyond one month ago on my Christmas shopping spree. I paid $8 for one can.   They were $9.99 each.  I used an expired 20% off coupon.  

I guess 2 units for $19.99 is OK. But, one unit for $8.00 is even cooler.

This is why Bed Bath & Beyond is my second favorite store.

* I am pretty happy with the sprayer.


Things I bought from Bed Bath & Beyond, Christmas 2010