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Month of July , 2010

OMG. No Costco Bags (Tote Bags)

OK, it's time to panic.

They are out of Costco Grocery Bags (large reusable grocery bags)
I looked for Costco Bags at Valencia Costco & Oxnard Costco.
They didn't have them.

I always give out my Costco Bags - people love those bags.
I only have 3 in my trunk and I need more.
I don't know if they are going to re-stock them or if this is the end of it.

I need to ask my Costco guy
(looking for his email address...)


PS. I went to Costco with my female friend the other day.  We shared the cart and she bought a lot of stuff.  It would have been perfect if I put her stuff in my tote bags for her.  But, no, I told her "Sorry, I wish I could give you these bags, but..."  How lame was that?

PPS. August 1, 2010: I received a message from a Costco shopper in Arizona.  She couldn't find Costco shopping bags there in Arizona as well.

PPPS. August 7, 2010 - People started to inform me about new kind of Costco shopping bags.  They say a bundle contains 3 bags; 1 large, 1 large (insulated), and one smaller.

 Large Reusable Grocery Bags
Large reusable grocery bags from Costco


Costco Shopping - July 24, 2010

Sorry, very busy...  I will make it quick (maybe I'll come back to this post)

I got some incredible deals on quality clothes.  Don't let Costco's low price confuse you.  They are very fancy quality. You always get good deals on clothes at Costco. 

  • Black Jeans - $12.99 - They are 32 waist (little loose, but OK).
  • Dress shirt - $16,99
  • Black T-Shirts - (4 pack) $12.99 -  Bought 3 (total 12 t-shirts)
    • So, these shirts come out about $3.25 each.
    • The quality of the shirt "Easily" beats $9+ shirts.  These shirts are so good, it's ridiculous.  I promise you.

Then I bought some ingredients for BBQ pork & bean. I will put a lot of bacon & pork. This will be yum.  I would like to talk about my BBQ Pork & Bean sometime.  :)

Oh! and a bag of Starbucks Coffee - I couldn't wait for coupon

I spent $134.32 total - then I did car wash and pumped gas.

First Sign (hint) of Christmas - Costco July, 24 2010

This is what I saw today at Costco (July 24, 2010)

They don't say "Christmas" in writing, but these designs are clearly for Christmas.

There were ribbons with snow flake designs also.

More coming...

Online Only Offers 7/26/10 - 8/15/10

I hope you got this too.

Costco Shopping - July 17, 2010

Oh my God, it was a hot day for Costco Shopping.  It was well over 100 degrees at Valencia.  Clearly, Costco had a lot less shoppers than usual. It was really hot.

I bought some luxury items anyway here we go.

Costco Puzzles, backpack

Not in the picture - a bag of carrots.


Ful backpack - This is a high quality backpack.  Costco price was $29.99.  I used $5.00 off coupon, so I paid $24.99.  I have waited about 2 years for a backpack, so I feel good about this buy.  It has a built-in sleeve for a notebook computer.  I can use this bag pack for work and/or play.

Costco's online price is $34.99.  I believe $34.99 is still a good price for backpack of this quality. Check it out.

Zigsaw Puzzles - These 500 pieces puzzles were 2 for $17.99.  I bought them for Christmas gift (gift receiver to be decided later).  Yes, it's that time of the year.

They had different pictures on the puzzles to choose from (San Francisco, San Diego, etc...).  I bought "Noah's Ark" and "Solvang"

FYI: Click for Solvang on Wiki  - I go to Solvang a few times a year.  Sometimes I bring my notebook computer to Solvang and work from a coffee shop while my date is out shopping (with my money Surprised)

Beef Jerky - I bought 3 double pack (total 6 packages).  Costco has $3.50 off coupon right now for 3 items limit.  This makes an 8 ounce bag only $4.25.  They have expiration date of May 2011.  I am going to eat 1 package a month.

Costco has good price on beef jerkies, but I still consider them as luxury items.  So I buy quantity when there is coupon.  I have will power to make them last 6 months.  Mm... good stuff.


Coupons saved $15.50 - I spent about $75.00

PS. I forgot to use my Costco coupons at the checkout.  So I had to redeem them at the service desk.  It was embarrassing.


*Running out of Coffee

I ran out of Starbucks French Roast (coffee) over a month ago.
I am almost out of Papua New Guinea coffee.
Now all I have left are specialty flavored coffees (chocolate, hazelnut cream, etc...)

I am waiting for Starbucks coffee coupon from Costco.

(pic) Costco - San Diego, California. June 2010

I went to San Diego Costco last month.

I had fun... 

OK, ok.. it was very exciting~!!! SurprisedCoolLaughing
When I was getting closer to San Diego Costco, I felt like I was ready to meet a blind date.

5 pictures are in this web album

San Diego Costco

Costco Lunch Box - California Innovations, CI Sport (love it)

Update: Costco lunch boxes recalled for leaky cold gel packs (Jan 24, 2012)


With a $2.00 coupon, this lunch box was only $9.99.

Inside the box, I found shoulder strap, aluminum water bottle, and reusable ice pack.  The bag is insulated for hot/cold food.

I come home for lunch every day.  I absolutely don't  need a lunch box.  But I bought this lunch box (CI Sport) because I thought this bag was practical for general use.

For example, when you pack for long trip, you can use this bag to hold personal items (vitamins, toiletries, makeup...). 

For $10.00 it give me so many possibilities.  Love this lunch box.

PS. Coupon is now expired.  But $11.99 is still a very good price.  Just the ice pack and water bottle can be $5 - $6 easy.

PPS. (added July 28, 2010) - It's been about a month now.  I've been carrying this lunch box every day to carry stuff around (backup hard drives, camera, notepad, sunglasses, business cards, & more...).  I love this lunch box.  Even my coworker (the cool one) said he liked it.

Costco Lunch Box

Lunch Bag, Costco


Hello, hello, how are you doing? - I'm Back.


Just letting you know that I am back.
I had a busy 2-3 weeks.

I went to Costco in San Diego.
I went to The Sea World.
I ate 1 pound burger - they put my picture on the wall of fame.
I took a 5 day vacation.
I went to a street fair in my city.
I went to Costco in Valencia.
I went to Costco in Oxnard about 3 times.
I bought the cutest lunch-box at Costco (you know which one I'm talking about)
I ate out a LOT~!!
I gained 2-3 pounds in 2 weeks!
What else...

All that busy time reminded me that I am truly happy with my every-day routine.

Anyway, I'm back and I am well (I was not sick or anything).
Now I'm back to my normal diet and exercise routine.
I can lose 3 pounds in no time.

Talk to you later~!


Costco Coupons - July 15 - August 8, 2010

They are here.

I clipped coupons for a back pack, beef jerky, & V8.

PS: Never mind V8s.  They are fruit juice version of V8. They are high in calories and low in good stuff.  Basically those V8's are not V8's... they are like anti-V8.

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