Music Choice Killed Classic Christmas


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(Grumpy old man)

I love Christmas.  Christmas is coming to Costco in about 3 weeks.

Music is very important for us Christmas lovers.  Along with decorations and smell of pumpkin spice, music is the element that will hold Christmas together.  I like classic Christmas tunes that will make me feel happy and sentimental.  Classic Christmas music takes me back in time.  I own 70+ Christmas CD’s.  I bought my first Christmas CD from BMG CD Club 20-30 years ago. Remember BMG? Columbia House?  I used to buy records from them. Good times.

Every Christmas season I tune my cable TV channel to Sound of the Seasons, a part of Music Choice channel line-up.  They play commercial free Christmas tunes.  I enjoyed that channel every year.  Then something happened.

They started to play Christmas songs by young artists such as Brittany Spears, One Direction, In Sync…    Then last year, they rarely played classic tunes, but most of the songs they played were teeny bopper, hip hop Christmas tunes, some songs with deep heavy bass – as if I’m at Run DMC concert.


So, I stopped listening to that God awful channel.

Look at this abomination. Britney Spears is a beautiful and talented young lady.  But, that’s not christmas.

But wait

Currently, Music Choice is playing Christmas in July playlist.  But, this time, they are playing a lot of good old Christmas tunes.  They rarely play teeny bopper Christmas songs.  If they play new tunes by young artists, I actually like them.  Something has changed.  I wish they keep that up in November & December.  I am enjoying this channel again.

For example, they played this song below.  She’s Jane Monheit. She’s young, but I like her.  The song was released in 2007 when she was in her late 20’s (?).  I like her version just as I like Kay Starr’s.

To sum up – Christmas music should sound like Christmas.  Christmas music should NOT make me feel like I’m in the middle of break dance battle.  Don’t drop the bass on yule log.