My Nephew

I went on an Alaskan Cruise last week.

We all had super good times.  I still think about the cruise.  I have a small Alaska Airline model airplane sitting at my work desk.  I play with the model plane whenever I have time.

But, this story is about my nephew, and the lesson I learned.

My nephew was at the cruise also.  I think he had THE best time among all of us.  I mean, he lived my childhood dream.  He was very cool.  It was like watching a movie.

My nephew is 16 years old, tall, and fit.  He’s in high school football team.  As soon as he got on the ship, he started to look for kids at his own age group so he can introduced himself.  He made a lot of friends quick.

Looking back at myself when I was 16:
I was never like my nephew.  If I was at his situation, I would be too shy to introduce myself.  It would be too awkward for me to walk up to somebody and say "Hi, I’m John".  I would pretend that I didn’t notice the girls.  Or, if I see other guys, I would give them evil eyes or something… like I don’t care (sending negative message for no reason).

Back to my nephew:
On day 2 or 3, my nephew had a buddy.  Then the group got bigger.  He had a female friend as well.  At the end, he had about 10 buddies.

On day 6, when we were at Victoria Canada, I caught my nephew walking casually around the town with a girl from the cruise ship.  They looked so cute together.  I said hello to the couple.  The girl was from Florida (my nephew lives in California).

My sister said that, on the last day of the cruise, my nephew came back to the room crying.  Group of kids said final good-bye.  I can imagine the pain at that age.  I remember…

I looked up my nephew on FaceBook.  I saw a bunch of guys saying "I love you bro" or "I miss you, man".   He wrote "The best week of my life".  There were pictures of my nephew with girls as well.

I had a lot of fun at the cruise.  But, I keep thinking about my nephew.  He had a week right out from a movie.  He lived my dream.  It was beautiful.

Lesson I learned from my nephew:
Life is like a cruise ship.  We are all in the same boat and everyone will leave the ship soon.  We can get off the ship alone, or we can get off the ship with awesome memories like my nephew.  I still have some time left in my journey through life.  I am going to be more friendly and active when I meet new people.  I would like to be cool like my nephew.  Life will be more meaningful this way.


I must get back to work now.  I have a lot of work backed up from last week. Talk to you later.